30 October 2012

You'll probably always have a spell on me

Last week I went out for drinks with some chummies & this is what I wore... as I was in a rush & the last to get ready (how this happened I do not know as I am always the first ready?!) these pictures are re-takes! The only differences are my eye make up as heavier & darker on the night and I had on electric blue nail polish apart from that everything is the same!

Everything I am wearing are favourites of mine at the moment, apart from possibly the shoes as they have torn up my feet something awful so much so I had to limp to the camera and back...

All the items have definitely been good buys as I have worn them all in different situations and with different things - always a good sign. The top & velvet trousers are River Island items, I never normally shop in River Island but these two items have made me crave a little trip for a snoop about... The earrings have been featured before as well, H&M cannot go wrong in the earring department in my opinion. These lil' babies are getting a daytime outing tomorrow. It is my birthday after all, why shouldn't I wear sparklers during the day!

Happy Tuesday lovelies!

29 October 2012

This midi dress was a sale find in New Look that has been sitting in my wardrobe waiting to be worn. Today was the red dresses day. I want to introduce some more colours into my wardrobe as I always seem to be wearing black! This was a nice change, colour isn't that scary! I wore this with my leather jacket, fur stole & my tan Zara bag for a rather long day at uni!

I recently joined Chictopia, this is my page: Chictopia

if you are on there, please come & say hello!

28 October 2012

Sunday Diay #1

I wanted to a do a more personal, life based post I guess you could call it. Sunday Diary is just going to be a round up of my week, how I'm feeling, what I've been up to & what not! So now I've explained this post in the most inarticulate way possible I will get on with Sunday Diary #1...

Picture from my hallowe'en/birthday party last night*

So last night was my birthday/hallowe'en party which was good, I have amazing friends but of course one too many drinks sometimes leads to tears but these things happen! I loved my costume 1920s flapper girl, the heavy dark make up was amazing - dark eye make up is always a good idea! Maybe next week I will show you my costume from actually Hallowe'en night...

Hope everyone is having a good weekend & had fun fancy dressing it last night!

What did everyone go as?

25 October 2012

Statement Earrings

Since getting my hair back to being pixie cropped I have some how found myself standing glaring at the selection of statement earrings H&M has in. H&M, for me, have the best affordable high street jewellery & they always hit the nail on the head trend wise. This said, these are 3 bootiful pairs I have picked up recently. All no more than a fiver & all have gained a place in my heart for one reason or another. I had to take a picture of the gold earrings on as on a surface you don't get the full effect of the 3D shape.

I am still a little self conscious about wearing earrings with my short hair because they are pretty much all you see but if short hair isn't a time to show off statement earrings, I really don't know when is!

Happy earring shopping!

24 October 2012

Trying out

If you follow me on Twitter you will know that recently I have been having trouble with my skin. For whatever reason my face has decided a spot party would be simply the best idea ever, I disagree.  I saw another blogger talking about Avene samples from the company's website so I decided to take up on the chance of trying some higher end skin care seen as a week today I turn the grand old age of ... 23 *weeps in hands*

I got a sample of Gentle gel cleanser and the Light hydrating cream, I am really looking forward to trying them out after hearing so many good things about them. Here is hoping I will wake up tomorrow morning with flawless skin ... I can live in hope!

20 October 2012

Short hair.

I have been writing a lot of university essay & the like as of late so I feel like my creative juices are in full flow which I is probably why I got up this morning & decided to write on short hair of all things. As some of you may or may not know I have had short hair for about 3 years & I highly doubt I will ever return to the land of long, tousled locks - it just isn't me. I feel like myself with short hair & it has allowed me to dabble in colour & cuts - it isn't as limited as you may think.

On Monday I decided to get my longer pixie cut bleached blonde barnet chopped super short & into a medium brown - I love it. I look tanned! I will know doubt get bored & go back to blonde but for now I am happy as a brunette.  I love thi article that I saw another blogger mention:


18 October 2012

Style Crush #13

I haven't blogged in what feels like forever never mind mentioned in the date of my last Style Crush post. I won't lie to you, life got in the way. Things got busy & blogging fell from my line of vision briefly but things are a little quieter now & blogging is back bobbing about in my line of vision. So here is Style Crush #13 ...

Rihanna. Particularly, Rihanna with her pixie crop.  Short hair just works for this lady & as I am sure you are aware it is something I am a big fan of. She just looks so incredible with her short hair, it allows for her fashion sense to really shine through. I will admit, I love Rihanna's more put together looks rather than her more 'hip hop' looks but you can't fault her on her eye for detail.

12 October 2012

I don't want to live my life without you

Fluffy jumper take two. I am so pleased parted with the £14.99 for this jumper, it just works so well with what I already have in my wardrobe. I haven't worn cut off shorts in so long partly because I haven't been to the gym for about 2 months but tonight I was feeling fearless so donned the infamous Levi cut offs - the people that care don't matter & the people that matter don't care echoing in my head I trotted off down the road to the pictures to see The Perks of being a Wallflower.

Jumper - H&M
Shorts - Miss Selfridge re-done section
Watch - River Island
Boots - Topshop

I have also joined Pinterest. http://www.chictopia.com/EmmaF

10 October 2012


 Hallowe'en - and my birthday - are not far off making for a rather excitable Emma so in the spirit of all thing spooky I thought a post on some witched themed film & television production would be fitting, if not a little early.

 I have always had a love for all thing bewitching; I Married a Witch, Bewitched, I Dream of Jeanie - not witch based but she has magical powers. Valid. Veronica Lake in I Married a Witch has to be one of my favourites. Veronica Lakes long sweeping gowns mixed with her sleek hair & sweet voice make the film total perfection.

8 October 2012

What's velvet & fluffy?

After a Friday afternoon pay day splurge I decided University today was the perfect time to debut my new purchases - a little over exaggerated but my Mum does say I have a vivid imagination! I have been really loving textures recently in particular velvet. I searched for velvet trousers for what seemed like forever then I discovered the Molly jeggings from River Island. These are the comfiest trousers ever, they have plenty of give all the while having the velvet effect that I dreamt of. Another texture in this outfit is the 'fluffy' texture of this H&M jumper - fluffy is about all I can muster up, I'm sorry - which was a bargain & will definitely become a winter staple. All black but one day colour will pop up...

H&M Jumper
River Island Trousers & Watch
ASOS Rings
Topshop Boots
Zara Bag
Gap Mens via Ebay Jacket

4 October 2012

I'm a broken doll.

This Zara jumper saw me through last Autumn/Winter & looks set to see me through this one too. The colour of it is just perfection & assisted me this morning in avoiding an all black outfit - a habit I seem to have fallen deeper into recently. The trousers are the jacquard Zara trousers I bought recently that I absolutely love, they are simple enough to be worn with anything pretty much.

The great hair debate is upon us once again, I am seriously considering getting my hair really short again & possibly brown. The up-keep of bleached hair is just so much plus having it really short requires no styling - win!


3 October 2012

No one else can break my heart like you

All black. Pretty standard university outfit really. Nothing too exciting but this is it - black jeans, black tshirt with some accessories to make it a little more exciting.

1 October 2012

What you want, what you need.

Just a simple outfit for university. I haven't blogged in what feels like forever but I have been working 6/7 days solid recently which has taken its toll but I am off from Wednesday to Sunday so I will defenitly be preparing some posts so I don't fall behind again.

I got a tripod the other week  & this was my first time using it - why I didn't buy one before is beyond me. It makes life so much easier!

Oversized tshrt - H&M
Studded belt - Zara
Bag & Boots- Topshop
Jacket - Ebay
Scarf - Oasis