20 December 2012

Style Crush #20

This weeks Style Crush post is taking a more specific topic, the topic being ... dinner suit!

I am a big fan of androgynous dressing, women in suits with perfect tailoring screams to me beautiful. A woman that can pull of androgyny is deemed classy, beautiful and a true women in my books! Don't get me wrong, a beautiful evening dress is a glorious sight & given the opportunity to wear one I would no doubt jump at the chance but tailoring has a very special - and big - place in my heart. So much so I asked for a substantial amount of tailoring in for my Christmas from Santa. (At 23, I know Santa Claus is in fact not real but my bus driver yesterday looked suspiciously like him so I was extra nice just incase he was in fact Santa in disguise. I digress) 

A few of my favourites include Victoria Beckham, Kate Moss & Blake Lively giving the traditional suit a bit of colour. I have to admit I favour a black dinner suit over a colour particularly one with mixed textures - velvet & satin to name a couple - but the red is gorgeous. 

 A Bloggers take on the dinner suit ... 
Arabella  wears this beautiful printed dinner suit beautifully. I love everything about this outfit - the print, the earrings, the blouse. Everything - it is just so well put together & pulled off perfectly.

 What do you think of dinner suits? What one is your favorite?

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  1. Blake Lively always looks incredible! Love Arabella's suit too =)