30 May 2012

Maybe it's another chance, to find myself again

The Topshop top in lilac. Hey if you like something buy it in other colours although I'm not sure about it with jeans. Tucked in might have been a better look but hey ho. I like it with the necklace, you win some you lose some!

I detest my hair. It needs to grow a tiny tiny bit more for me to be able to get it cut the way I want but of course it is taking it's time. Typical.

I've just finished sorting out my room, it was an absolute tip! There was rubbish everywhere basically I'd gotten lazy & decided that dumping stuff on the floor was a better idea than actually putting stuff away... good one Emma!

Top & jeans - Topshop | Necklace, blazer - H&M | Bag - Zara | Shoes - Fred Perry Tennis Pumps

28 May 2012


Just an easy, casual outfit for this lovely heat. This is a crop top from Topshop which I've only worn three times but has already gone all stretched out & shapeless at the bottom which I'm not so impressed with... Nothing overly exciting.

Top, Skirt & Cuff Topshop | Bag Oasis |Rings H&M Accessorize

27 May 2012

Week in photos #1

 Searching for new trainers | Bright lipsticks | FOTD |Yellow Roses | Edinburgh in the sun | Meeting Liam & Louis | New stuff | Random mask found in a friends car | Night time trip to the beach | BBQ in the sun | Cider in the sun


23 May 2012

Tonight make it magnificent

I've had about four different tops on with these shorts today. Originally I went for a black bralette but I don't have enough confidence & a big enough I don't care attitude to pull it off during the day. Gimmie a night out & a few vodkas & I'm all over a bralette!

 Instead I opted for an H&M crop top that I tied at the front. The shorts were a sale buy maybe a year ago, they are far too big but belted they look alright. I apologise for my face in these pictures, having one of those days were the face isn't quiet up to speed with my emotions & movements... I also cannot wait to get my shocking barnet cut, it looks terrible just now.

Anyway I am off to pick up my new shoes from Marks and Sparks of all places! Possibly a browse in Topshop too. Must not buy anything

Top H&M | Shorts Warehouse Sale | Belt Zara Sale | Rings Accessorize H&M | Bag Oasis Sale

22 May 2012

Style love #1

Just a little bit of style love for this beautiful Tuesday night. x

21 May 2012


It is such a beautiful day today, I have a stinking cold but this is a rare sight in bonnie Scotland so I had to drag myself out & up to the uni library to print stuff. The library that is closed till Wednesday, I might add. Thanks uni for sharing that little gem of information with me .... 

The bright, sunny weather always makes me want to wear bright lipstick. I have a good number of lipstick that aren't shown nearly as much love as they deserve. Todays lipstick of choice Sleek matt lipstick in Papaya Punch <3. 

The outfit shows the top from here in better view, I love this top so much so that a second one might have to come my way. I think if you find something you like and are comfortable in, why shouldn't you get it in a couple of colours! Couldtalk myself into anything! I also realised today that in about two weeks I will be able to get my haircut as my fringe will be long enough for what I am thinking. Thank the lord! 

Top - Topshop | Shorts - Levi via Miss Selfridge | Bag - Zara | Leather jacket - Oasis | Necklace - H&M | Watch - River Island | Ring - Accessorize

20 May 2012

Stepping out

I had planned on my first proper post on Erratic Glamour being a week in photos but technology and Emma have clashed, not for the first time, and a week in photos is not possible. Instead I have a little preview of my outfit from last night. I turned into the photographer for the night so there are no pictures of me - at all, no even one. So it is an arrange the outfit in a mildly attractive manner and take some photos!

It was a random night out that turned out to be a really amazing night out. Danced till close, drank too much. Was good.

Top - Topshop | Skirt(worn with gold clasp to the back), Necklace - H&M | Shoes - Dorothy Perkins | Bag - Accessorize


17 May 2012


Hello & Welcome to Erratic Glamour!

I have had a few blogs in the past but nothing that met the randomness of my mind & life so i chose to create Erratic Glamour. I will be blogging about everything from fashion to make up to books... anything that pops into my head really.

I hope you enjoy my blog.

Emma x

PS I apologies for my hair, I am growing out a pixie crop to get it cut into a longer pixie crop... if that makes sense?!