27 February 2013


I have seen the 25 facts post on a few blogs recently so I figured I might as well par-take in this post craze. Why the hell not?!

1. At 23, I feel less of an adult than I did at 20.
2. My favourite colour is orange.
3. I had/pined for long hair all my life then in May 2010 I cut off my hair & never looked back.
4. I feel way more feminine & confident with short hair than I ever did with long hair.
5. I have never been in love.

6. My mum & dad are so supportive - I love them dearly.
7. I love a night out!
8. I spend way too much time was trashy TV.
9. I don't have a lot of friends but I value the ones I do.
10. I am 5'8.

11. Hugh Jackman is my all time crush.
12. I'm very quiet with people till I know them then I am noisy as anything.
13. Crime & Classic novels are my favourite.
14. I haven't told any of my friends that I blog.
15. I am obsessed with what I eat.

16. Old films are my favourite.
17. I have along standing daydream of moving to Paris & falling in love with a handsome Parisian man. Think Louis Jordan *sigh*
18. I grew up on a farm.
19. I have a strange like of bums!

20. Sometimes the unknown nature of next year excites me, other times it sends me into a panic spiral.
21. I have a teddy sitting next to my bed called Roger. Legend.
22. I buy Elle Magazine every month.
23. Dancing around to loud music in my pants & tshirt in my bedroom makes me happy.
24. I have one regret in life.
25. The texture of bananas grosses me out beyond belief.

26 February 2013

Rock & Roll my little girl

I used to wear jean shorts all the time but recently well since about October I wear them very rarely. It is a bit of a waste really seen as I have six or so pairs... 

Que an afternoon in the Arctic conditions of the library & a need for layers to keep warm. The perfect time to wear my much loved black 'fluffy' jumper from H&M with some extra cosy tights (two pairs, naturally) & these lace detailed Zara shorts, bought last summer on a whim. They are pretty short shorts or my buttocks is on the fuller side ... I guess it is a mix of both. Shapely derrieres are so in, ya know!!

I am beyond fed up of library trips, uni has been an amazing experience. One that I have loved but to not have deadlines looming will be a treat & a half! I know I will pine for uni days constantly when it finally comes to a close but for now that shiny big bad world is calling my name...

25 February 2013

24 February 2013

Sunday Diary #12

1.  I desperately need a haircut but March is a busy month for night outs/events so I feel I should hold it off for at least a week... that is the thing with short hair, once it starts to grow out of it's shape it just looks like an awful hat! Never a good look...

2. I feel like I haven't blogged properly in ages. It is as if I have not time to take outfit pictures etc but this week I am going to really make the effort. I miss doing regular outfits, not that mine are ever that exciting but I like to post them!

3. I have a Birthday night out next weekend & am planning on recycling something I have already in my wardrobe. What exactly I have know clue! I have so many pieces that I have worn once & then never again. It is a waste of pretty clothes really.

4. Last night was my first Saturday night not out in at least a month! It is so nice to wake up not hung over, not regretting any actions/words of the night before and having enough sleep. Work might actually be easy today... Watch this space.

Happy Sunday! x

22 February 2013

Style Crush #26

Until recently Kate Foley was a little of an unknown to me. I discovered her through my endless procrastination on Pinterest and fell in love with some of her looks. She pulls off effortless chic so well. I love the printed trousers & high wedges in this look mixed with the leather jacket & little bag. It is just so simple but glamorous. Perfect.

21 February 2013

Listen to the silence, that hurts my heart.

 photo IMG_4242_zpse505470b.jpg
 photo IMG_4239_zps43a34de9.jpg
 photo IMG_4246_zps92a069de.jpg

Looking back on the photographs, this tshirt probably isn't the most flattering. I mean it covers my waist - my smallest part - but sometimes a baggy tshirt is what my body calls for. It isn't overly baggy, I liked it even if it makes me look a bit shapeless. Worse things have happened!

I have really gotten into lipstick recently, I figured a coral lip would dress this outfit up a little even if I did have to use a pink lipliner... amateur. These boots are in the bad books at the moment. Seeing as stone cold sober, I fell over in the middle of the street?! Hello ripped favourite trousers. I don't know what happened to them, they are normally fine but this time they were really slide-y on basically any floor?! Weird.

Tshirt H&M .  Velvet Trousers & Watch River Island . Boots New Look . Lipstick Mix of Sleek Papaya Punch & 17 Hot Chilli . Rings (not seen) Accessorise & ASOS . 

18 February 2013

Sundary Diary #11

 *Image from Pinterest

 Sundary Diary on a Monday again but I was too tired last night from my Saturday night partying & work yesterday so I'm afraid Sunday Diary on a Monday is what it has to be...

1. I went to the theatre this week to see a Agathe Christie adaptation which was really good. I love the theatre & really don't go enough, you can't beat a good play or musical.

2. I still have not made any progress with my wedding outfit... eventually I'll get round to it. I am now considerably entering the layer that is Armstrong Edinburgh to see if my imagined sequined full length brightly coloured dress is there. A girl can dream!

3. Short hair is my thing, this week I've been lusting over Mia Farrows. She just looks so good with it. I love short hair on women - maybe a bit biased on this one being a major fan...

4. I am in a major debate whether to apply for other jobs... I'm scared I'll miss my old job & really hate the new environment but I need to leave my job soon anyway, I graduate soon. Que life changing, getting scared freak out...

14 February 2013

Style Crush #25

Elle UKs Advertisement Director, Jayne Ellis in an incredible outfit makes me beyond envious of her wardrobe. The mix of stripes and red jacket with the caged shoes - perfection. You may have guessed, I love a tailored pant & these ones are one of the best. They fit her perfectly, are flattering & just work perfectly with her outfit. 

12 February 2013


Super casual look for an afternoon in the library... story of my life!

I love my (knock off) Disco pants, they are so comfy & go with so much. I've worn them on nights out with fancy stuff & during the day with big cardigans & plimsoles.  This Topshop cami was bought with an exchange, I went for purple as I am trying to wear less black... good work moving away from all black. Dark Purple. 

Coat, Cardigan & Cami: Topshop
Bag: Zara
Disco Pants: River Island
Tennis pumps: Fred Perry - very old, don't think they make these anymore

11 February 2013


 photo PicMonkeyCollage-1_zps4b007f92.jpg 

I wore this for uni & shopping one day but looking back on it, I'm not sure how I feel about it. I feel very Caroline Flack in it... ankle boots, collared shirt & trench coat. This Topshop swing hemmed coat was an impulse buy about 4 years ago, I had not worn it in a long, long time but decided to pull it out. I love trench coats *dreams of a Burberry* they are so classic & perfect to wear anytime.

Trench coat: Topshop - So old, it's vintage ;)
Shirt: H&M
Jeans: Topshop
Ankle Boots: New Look
Bag: Topshop 

10 February 2013

Sunday Diary #10

1. It is weird to think that this time next year, I have no idea where I will be. I will be in a new flat, in a new job & not a student! Scary times but the not knowing is kind of exciting!

2. I have just finished watching Chasing The Saturdays - total trash TV & I love it!! Frankie was always my favourite but I think Vanessa might be slipping into the lead... She's just so fun!

3. Another Sunday Diary when I mention Jessie Ware! I was out last night & got totally over excited when they played If you're never gonna move. Hearing it in a club was just so amazing ... to the merry girl... Also her song Wildest Moments is about how she falls out with her friend a lot. My friend & I are kind of similar to this, we argue when we're drunk then we're fine the next day. Odd but it isn't serious arguing. No serious stuff. Anyone else like this with their chums?

4.I'm so tired tonight after not a lot of sleep & a 6 hour shift so bed is edging closer then it's back to the library to do more uni work. It will all be worth it in the end!

Happy Sunday!

9 February 2013

Style Crush #24

 Image courtesy of Pinterest*

As of late I have struggled to find a celebrity who has a sense of style I love enough to want to feature so after a little think, I decided to make the Style Crush post just about one outfit be it celebrity or not!

This weeks post is an outfit I found while procrastinating. There is just something so simple yet chic about this outfit especially with the pop of red from the shoes and the lipstick and the leopard print on the belt. Perfect outfit.

8 February 2013

Wedding Planning

My friend is getting married on the 29th of March, I thought it was the 29th of April but that is by-the-by, que panic. I don't want to go crazy buying  a whole new outfit, as much as I would love too but there are so many pieces I've bought & never worn so I picked two that will form the start of my wedding outfit. My Zara Velvet dinner jacket & my Rose gold Topshop heels - never worn...

The shoes have been waiting for their premiere into the world since last summer so I think now is the time. I am thinking either black tuxedo pants or a nice bright printed pair with a cream camisole, sparkly bag & possibly some earrings. What would you wear them with? What would you wear to a wedding?

7 February 2013

Black & Gold

 photo IMG_4168_zpsbbcc702c.jpg  photo IMG_4176_zps4f8a69a2.jpg  photo IMG_4189_zps8d110363.jpg

 It feels like all I am doing the last week or so is get up, go to the library, come home, go to bed, get up, go to the library, come home... you catch my drift! This is my library outfit from today, pretty simple as there is nothing worse than being uncomfortable while chuffing through piles of literature that you have to review! These velvet shorts from Tophop were such a good sale buy, I've worn them so much during the day & at night.  I wore them with a simple black tshirt from H&M with my gold River Island watch & a few different gold rings. I wore my EBay find Safaria jacket, Topshop fur gilet & Topshop boots. Pretty simple.

I have been finding it hard to find time to blog recently as I've been so busy but I am trying hard to make time for it as I miss doing it.

3 February 2013

Sunday Diary #9

1. As I mentioned before I went to see Paloma Faith this week. Amazing. Her voice is incredible, she is so engaging, stylish & talented. Hello Girl Crushing! She was amazing though.

2. I am 4 days into a no alcohol detox. I have been going out for drinks a bit too much this past 2 weeks so I am trying to stay away from a cheeky alcoholic beverage till Saturday ... then I'm going on a night out! Logical.

3. Uni work is still there, sadly. I have more focus now but the 18th of April will be a joyous day then it is a hop, skip and a jump to graduation!!

4.Working in retail is waring thin. People are just so demanding & annoying. After 7 years I think my patience is waring...

Happy Sunday!

2 February 2013

Split to the thigh

First off apologies for the poor photograph but this is literally the only full length picture from the night! This side split maxi skirt is literally my favourite thing I've bought recently, I got it in the Topshop sale for £10 - half price! - the side splits got up to just off the top of my thigh so of course the Angelina leg had to come out at some point! Be rude not too. I wore it with my ASOS polo necked cropped top, some New Look Ankle Boots that have exposed zips & it isn't picture but an bright blue clutch for a little pop of colour.

I cannot wait for the weather to get a little warmer so I can wear this skirt dressed down with some plimsoles & my safari jacket or some sandals & a crop top. Come on Spring/Summer!