3 May 2013

Patterns, Heels & Dresses

H&M is a little hit and miss sometimes. There are times I go in and I want everything and others when nothing jumps out at me and I leave empty handed and sad to not have some other item to add to my already bursting wardrobe.

 photo IMG_4539_zps65fbcd52.png

These printed pants were on a Spring Offer. Originally £14.99 each, reduced to £7.49 each - bargain! I love trousers especially printed ones. I'm still figuring out how I want to wear them - the great tight vest top vs loose vneck tee debate is raging, it is tense! - I love the depth of the red print. They look more luxurious and a richer, heavier fabric rather than they actually are.  The black with white print will go with so much. I am searching for a orange tshirt to go with these, I think it would look amazing.

 photo IMG_4545_zps1544685a.png

The next was a "I really shouldn't buy these but I am going to" moment - we all have these! These New Look pumps were a steal at £16 (Students get 20% off at the moment) and go with everything, pretty much! I plan on wearing them with this lace sundress from H&M. I didn't have dressy shoes that would go with it on a night out so I had to buy them! My bad...

 photo IMG_4547_zpsb96e8517.png

The dress is just so girly and perfect. Totally not me but I love it with a bright clutch and a deep tan. Perfect. This dress comes in mint green too, I bought this but decided that I didn't need two of the same dress when we will probably have a week of summer sunshine!This dress is exceptionally hard to photography when not on the body but you get the general idea.

Happy Friday!


  1. Gorgeous sun dress! I'm going to look out for it in the mint green! Loving mint green right now!



    1. The mint one is beautiful, I wish I could keep them both! x

  2. The black printed pants are definitely a hit!! I love them!!! xx


    1. Me too, such a bargain too! x

  3. I totally love the things you bought! The shoes are amazing - with a pair of stunning nude heels you can never go wrong! And I think they'd look amazing with that white dress and a tan!

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    Lory xx


    1. Thanks, I love them. So pretty x

  4. The new look heels are gorgeous x


    1. I love them, such a bargain too x

  5. I just found your blog and i really like it!
    I always love follow blogs where people put theyr OWN pictures, i guess, that just make it look more interesting and better.
    I am following you now, please follow back! (thanks!)
    Lots of love,


  6. Wow, you really had some fantastic finds! I wish there was an H&M where I lived! xxxx