31 July 2013

Back to Basics.

While sorting through my top drawer this week, I realised I have very few simple, basic tops that can be thrown on with jeans for a casual look. With this thought in my mind & some money gifted to me by my Grandparents as a graduation gift off I went to the shops.

H&M Basics - £3.99 each

Zara Sale - £3.99

I used to spend my life in black, always black, recently I have been yearning for some colour in my life so I picked up a few colourful tops ... and one black ... can't blame a girl. Two I got from Zara in the sale for a bargain of £3.99 and two from H&M. I can see these going well with my different coloured and textured jeans, with my shorts, skirts everything pretty much!

30 July 2013

Berry Nice.

Dark nails are a massive love of mine along with beautiful orange reds & a few pastels thrown in for good measure. Reserving dark colours for the colder months of Autumn & winter is not something I do, dark & gothic can work all year round don't ya know!

Following a long standing love affair with orange reds & pastels, Monday night save me apply this beautiful purple, brown deep shade from Estee Lauder. Black Berry was a birthday gift from my lovely mum & dad, clearly they know me well as this is a staple nail colour now. Teamed with beautiful tanned limbs & a nice summery outfit, this little beauty is a total dream nail polish. They are a little more expensive, as expected from a high end make up brand but totally worth the money.

29 July 2013

Old Friend.

Since losing the eye liner for a more natural, simple make up routine I have discovered some old favourites that had fallen to the bottom of my make up mass that I call a collection. One of these favourites is Nars blusher in Deep Throat.

 Deep Throat is a beautiful light pink that gives the skin a gorgeous healthy glow without being too much. The Nars website describes this shade as a "flirty, sheer pink", it is a sheer pink but on the apples with a little touch of highlighter just above it looks so pretty for day or night.

I love the Nars blushers, I really want to invest in a few others in the near future.

22 July 2013

Pastel Nails.

Rimmel I love lasting finish - Marshmallow Heaven

Following a brief spell of declaring my undying love of dark nails then red-orange tones on my talons I have finally swung back to a good ol' pastel shade. Marshmallow Heaven is a beautiful half lilac, half purple shade. Teamed with white outfits, tanned skin & simple make up this shade is a perfect addition to a nail polish collection.

21 July 2013

New Flat.

I've been in my new flat about 3 weeks now & I love it. It has taken a few weeks to get my room into away that I feel comfortable but I think I've cracked it. I still want to get a few bits as decor but for now I am pretty happy with how it is looking.

It will probably be this tidy till about ten minutes time but I tidied up, changed my bed & took some snaps just for you lucky lot!

20 July 2013

Everyday Face : Made Up #2

Recently I have changed up my make up routine a little. Partly due to this beautifully gorgeous weather we have been having & majorly due to a little eczema outbreak on my eye lids that has resulted in bright red, swollen lids. I am putting it down to too abrasive make up remover & the MUA eye shadows. Too many drying chemicals in both has resulted in some swollen lids... not attractive.

After being forced to alter my make up routine to meet the needs of a fore mentioned swollen lids & a strong dislike of leaving the house without make up my only option was wearing just mascara.

Following compliments from friends about how nice my eyes look & actually liking the look on my part, I think this may become a common everyday look. It is just so must more simple & quick to do.


Bourjois Healthy Mix Radiance Reveal in Shade 53
Bourjois Healthy Mix concealer in Shade 52
Bourjois Healthy Mix Powder in Shade 53
Bourjois Blusher in Peach Bloom
Bare Minerals in Warmth 
Benefit High Beam

MUA Undressed Eyeshadow Palette for eye brows

YSL Faux Cils Mascara
Revlon Grow Luscious Mascara

Nivea Lip Butter in Caramel Cream

19 July 2013

Simple Summer.

The Zara skort - that is skirt, shorts - is all over the blogging world this summer, literally everyone & their auntie has this little baby. Understandably, it is comfort personified. Perfect for a summer day sunbathing in the park. Everything else was kept simple, too hot for fussy clothes. So I opted for a simple linen tank courtesy of H&M with a turquoise beaded necklace also from H&M. My New Look sandals & finally my Zara shopping basket.

I have been wearing no eye make up these last few days due to eczema flaring up on my eye lids, no one likes swollen eye lids, so it has just been mascara for me. I actually quite like the look of it plus it is so much quicker to get ready in the morning!

Happy Friday!

18 July 2013


I love this sun dress from H&M. It is so versatile and was only £19.99! It is a little more girly than I would normally gravitate towards but whenever I wear it, I feel good in it... never a bad thing! 

Seen as it is exceptionally balmy for this Scottish girl who isn't used to this gorgeous heat a sundress, sandals & simple accessories was a must.

Dress H&M
Bag Topshop
Bangle Topshop - very old
Sandals New Look

15 July 2013

Getting to know me.

Fifty facts 
I like to feel like I sort of know the bloggers who take time to post not for any particular reason probably because I am a tiny touch nosey... So I thought I would tell you fifty facts about myself! 

 1. I have never been in love

2.  Reading is one of my favourite things to do

3. I can get very jealous -  quite easily 

4. If I have a crush on someone I can't make the "move" because then they will know I like them. No logic in that one...

5. I am incredibly close to my family

6. I have an Honours degree

7. My favourite colour is orange

8. I'm from Glasgow

9. But live in Edinburgh

10. I am obsessed with the 1920s 

11. I love love love fake tan

12. I've never had a serious boyfriend

13. In my teens I was quite over weight

14. I started working out & eating better and now it is a huge part of my life

15. Living in Paris is a life goal of mine

16. I have a few close friends that I value greatly

17. I find it hard to show my feelings

18. Laughter is the way to my heart

19.Hugh Jackman is my one true love

20. Crime, detective novels and TV programmes are some of my favourite 

21. I have very eclectic music taste

22. I have a thing for a nice bum. Muscely, toned bums are good!

23. The best thing I ever did for myself was cutting my hair into a pixie crop

24. My dog, George is such a wee lad. I love him

25. Shoes make me happy

26. I have never worn or owned a bikini

27. I am a morning person

28. Dancing about my room to music is one of my favourite things to do when I'm bored

29. I saw Paloma Faith live this year but got too hot half way through and fainted!

30.  I love musicals

31. I love to cook

32. I detest scented candles

33. Being bought a single red rose was the most romantic thing anyone has done for me (Sadly the relationship didn't last)

34. I am a firm believer in fate - if it is meant to happen then it will

35. I don't drink fizzy juice unless it is lemonade & I'm on the Blueberry vodders!

36. Audrey Hepburn films are some of my favourites

37. I love Tudor documentaries/TV series

38. I love to write particularly short stories

39. Moving to a new city for university was the best decision I've ever made

40. I have one regret in life

41. Poetry does nothing for me

42. I am a dreamer

43. I grew up on a farm

44. Cacti are my favourite plants

45. Summer is my favourite season

46. Manner costs nothing. I always try to be as polite as possible

47. I've worked in retail since I was 17

48. Cheese is my cheat food

49. I worry too much

50.  I'm excited for the future

14 July 2013

MUA Nail Polish

I love finding a bargain product. You know, one of those finds that results in a new favourite product. MUA has always been a brand that I have reached for, the eyeshadows are good quality for the price as are the eyebrow pencils. This said I decided to give the new line of nail polishes ago.

They are obviously Essie rip offs, the bottle couldn't be more similar if it tried but for a £1 I will put up with the shameless design pinching. I went for 2 totally opposite colours. One a pink based coral creatively named Bright Coral and the other a mint green colour called Pistachio ice cream.

Both are beautiful colours with surprisingly good quality although I think I might have got a dodgy  Pistachio ice cream as it is a little runny. Bright coral comes out a beautiful opaque shade that only requires 2 coats. Generally I always give my nail polish 2 coats so this isn't an annoyance to me.

13 July 2013

Tshirt Dress.

So apparently I like black and orange... who knew! This is just a little summers evening outfit I threw on last week before I went off to enjoy some of the gorgeous weather we have been having lately.

I am not a massive fan of this tshirt dress from H&M but it is so comfy & easy to add accessories if I want it to be a bit more exciting. I don't remember the exact price, I'm guessing no more than £10. Orange being my favourite colour, these wedges were a must have. Although only worn couple of times they never get boring. I added a gold necklace, bracelet and a few rings with my Topshop bag and I was good to go!

Tshirt dress: H&M
Wedges: Garage shoes
Jewellery: Topshop, ASOS and Random sellers

12 July 2013

Everyday Face : Made Up #1

From day-to-day my make up doesn't change too much. I switch up the eyeshadow's I use or the colour of eye liner - mainly between a black or a brown - or the type of eyeliner I use - gel, liquid, kohl etc - but the base mostly remains the same. Unless I am feeling adventurous, that it.

Recenetly these have been my go to products to achieve my over eye lined, nude face, glossy lipped look.

Face:  My face never really changes too much. Sometimes I will change the product I use but I never stray too far away from the same shades. Light, pinky toned blushes & a subtle contour. Since discovering the Healthy Mix range, it has been the only foundations I have used for as long as I can remember. Hey if it ain't broken, don't fix it!

 ourjois Healthy Mix foundation (Shade 53) and Healthy Mix concealer (Shade 52) Contour with Rimmel Smoked Oyster blusher and add a little healthy glow with Bourjois Beach Bloom blusher. If I am setting my make up then I will use either Rimmel Stay Matte in Shade Warm Beige, Bourjois Healthy Mix powder in 52 or Sleek Luminous Pressed powder in 02.

Eyes:  This is where I can get a bit more adventurous of sorts well more adventurous than my base!  I love playing around with different toned eyeliners and eye shadows as well as adding some spikey falsies if I am feeling particularity glam! I favourite kind of eyeliner is without a doubt a soft deep black kohl that allows me too smudge it with black eyeshadow or shades of brown. I am all about the smudgey-ness. Some people say it is a bit much for day time but I like it and without it I feel naked. It isn't a full on smokey eye but it isn't subtle.

 Sleek Eau La La eye pencil in black, MUA Brown eyebrow pencil, MUA Undressed palette, Rimmel Black eye shadow, Revlon Grow Luscious mascara in black, YSL Faux Cils in black

Lips: I sometimes venture into bold lip territory but not too often. I tend to stick to a milky, glossy lip or a matte nude. Currently I have been hopping between three products: Natural Collection lipgloss in Rasperry Ripple, Niviea lip balm in caramel cream and Superdrug I love... Strawberries and Milkshake lip balm.


 If/when my make up routine changes I will do another one of these just as a way of keeping up to date with whats on the old mug!

11 July 2013

Black & Orange.

Before finishing university & giving up my very central city centre flat, one last night on the town was required.  So that is what we did! I decided to wear my H&M Leather skirt back to front (zip up the back), my ASOS cami and my H&M orange clutch - for a little pop of colour. The wore my strappy New Look heels which by the end of the night were a killer but they looked nice so needs must.

10 July 2013

Linen, Leather & Suede

This outfit is from a few weeks ago before I moved into my new flat so excuse the mess in the background! Between finishing uni and preparing to move flat it was all a bit of a bomb site...

This outfit is just a simple casual outfit I wore to run some errands. Nothing too exciting but I think the mix of textures adds some interest without having to go too crazy with accessories or colours. My hair is such a mess in the photographs, growing out a pixie cut is tough! Once it passes the awkard stage hopefully it won't be too bad...

Leather jacket Oasis
Linen tank H&M
Velvet trousers River Island - The rip on the knee was from a fall! 
Bag - F&F at Tesco
Pumps - New Look
Watch - River Island

9 July 2013

17 Week Hair Update

I have been growing out my pixie crop for the last 17 weeks & I will admit it has been a tough process. I am entering the awkward length where my initial thoughts almost everyday are 'what am I meant to do with this?!' This said I decided that the 17 week mark along with my university graduation on Friday a hair tidy up was necessary. 

There was too much weight on the top resulting in a mushroom-esque shape on my head & my mullet was slowly getting too long... time for a trim! So I toddled off down to my favourite hairdressers for a tidy up.

Compared with how my hair looked 17 weeks ago, my hair has grown a lot but there is still a long way to go...