28 May 2013

Roaring 20s

It seems like the 20s has had a bit of a revival recently with the release of The Great Gatsby this month and an array of curly bobs creeping up on the heads of more and more female fashionistas and celebrities this is something that excites me beyond belief. I love the 20s. The fashion, the make up, the bobs...

                                                               The Great Gatsby Movie Poster

                                                                 Carey Mulligan as Daisy in The Great Gatsby 

 As you may or may not know I am growing out my super short pixie crop and the main aim is a messy curly bob. A small attempt to channel my inner 20s flapper girl! I love the look of a messy curl bob. Enough to hair to play around with but still not masses of long, long hair.

 photo PicMonkeyCollage-1_zpsacedefbc.jpg
                                                            All pictures from Pinterest 

Has anyone seen The Great Gatsby yet? I think I might be seeing it tonight hopefully. I am so excited to see it especially seen as it is one of my favourite books and it features the 20s! Perfect movie for me really! 

26 May 2013

Sunday Diary #19

1. Edinburgh is a beautiful city nonetheless but in the sun she really glows. All the colours of the buildings come out & it is just a beautiful place to be. I've been here 4 years in September and I am so happy and content here. Definitely a second home!

2. There is something about summery weather & Lana Del Rey. The two just go hand in hand perfectly. I can never get bored of her music. Or the sunny weather for that matter...

3.  Charity book shops are like a creche for me. Drop me off there go do your thing chances are I'll still be there perusing the shelves. This week I found the ultimate charity bookshop in Stockbridge. It was so good I had to talk myself out of a number of books and limit myself to just three...

4. Growing a pixie cut is still a pain staking process. It is  getting there ... sort of ... it is longer than it was before (Obviously) but it still isn't where I want it to be! Come on roaring 20s wavy bob.

Happy Sunday! I'm off to enjoy my first Sunday off in ages

24 May 2013

Red Nails, Monochrome Pants.

I wore this outfit for quite an exciting meeting I had this morning hopefully more of which I can divulge soon but for now I will show you what I wore! I love a monochromatic outfit with a pop of colour on the nails. It just feels so classy and chic.

 photo IMG_4652_zpsd8cd7b0b.png

I wanted to present myself as a put together and professional - not a slobby slob! These trousers were an H&M sale find that when I saw them I had to have. Reduced from £24.99 to £10, it was too good to resist really. They are a beautiful light fabric that is perfect for summer time and being a simple white with black print they go with pretty much anything. I am hunting down an orange tshirt/top to really set the print off.


 photo IMG_4636_zps53a5fe2f.png

Today I teamed them with a simple black linen tank also from H&M, my River Island watch and black pointy toe heels also H&M! Love H&M these days. I added my little pop of colour with Maybeline Colour Show nail polish in 341 Orange Attack. This colour is so beautiful for summer, with a tan and a pretty sun dress. Be gawjus dahling!

 photo IMG_4650_zpsc2cd29bf.png

 photo IMG_4643_zpsc1ad65db.png

Top, Trousers (Sale) and Shoes - H&M
Watch - River Island

I teamed this outfit with my Oasis Leather Jacket and took my Zara bucket shopper!

Happy Friday!

22 May 2013

Style Crush #28

Pictures from Pinterest

 Not quite a whole outfit or a person but the details in this look play on my senses beyond belief.

The leopard print coat with the ripped jeans & pointy heels. It is just too perfect for words. Definitely a look I would emulate - not too busy or overly styled. Just simple. Put together but with a bit of a rocky edge, I feel like Kate Moss would be right at home in this outfit?

 And just another take on the look! Some more distressed less fitted jeans - both styles I think look great.

I love both looks. Can I just have both the full outfits, please?!

21 May 2013

Courts free.

Since finishing university I have used the 'you worked hard at uni, you deserve a treat' excuse too many times. I will hold my hands up and admit that. On a recent trip to Zara Glasgow I couldn't say no to these gorgeous white skirt-shorts. I have seen them on a few bloggers & love the look they give - put together but not too fussy. At £23.99 they are a bargain & will go with so much for day or night!

 photo IMG_4627_zpse5a8c7c2.png 

How bloggers have worn it...

I love seeing how other style a piece which is part of the reason for my love for the fashion blogging community. This said I had a quick Google of the Zara skirt short - actually what I googled and selected a few for a little montage. Everyone loves a montage, no?

 photo PicMonkeyCollage-1_zps4e5fe0b1.png 

Hopefully the weather perks up a little so I can actually wear this - these?! - little beauty soon.

PS ... courts free is in reference to the belief that this looks a bit like a tennis skirt!

20 May 2013

Nail Polish.

Nail polish is a big love of mine. I love looking down to my fingers and seeing a pretty colour shining back at me from my nails. When it comes to nail polish I go from one extreme to another ... one week it will be a love deep oxblood the next a mint green then a bright red followed by the blackest of blacks. What can I say, I love them all!

 photo IMG_4578_zpsef9c7283.jpg

Bourjous Noir de Chine 
This is a true black. No sparkle just glossy black talons. There is something so chic about a dark nail that I can't quite put my finger on - pardon the pun. Any dark nail really. I only bought Bourjouis as it was in an offer if it hadn't been any brand with a black nail polish would have done nicely.

Rimmel Pink Libertine
This pretty pastel pink was a present from my mum at Easter Time. It isn't something I would normally gravitate towards in the shop but obviously my mum knows me well as I love this colour. It is a beautiful pink that looks gorgeous on the nails.

MUA Pistachio Ice Cream
I'm not sure what I expected for £1 but this little polish is slightly lacking. The colour is a beautiful mint green but it is really runny & sheer. I really only featured it for the colour. Save your pound and spend it else where! 

Miss Sporty Cobalt Blue
I'm not 100% sure on the name of this one  as the label is majorly worn but the colour is a right electric blue - you would known it if you saw it. A cheap favourite that has a great colour pay off. Definitely one for a bright eye catching nail. I've had compliments from boys on this one. One claiming to want to use it as his hair dye colour sample...

What is your favourite nail polish? x

19 May 2013

Sundary Diary #18

 photo IMG_4593_zps25b97c92.png

1. University is officially over! The four years have seriously flown by so crazy to think about everything that has happened these past four year is just too much for my brain! I had an amazing time at university, it seriously is the time of your life so if you are lucky enough to still be at uni or going... enjoy it! Scary thing now is I need to find a full time job & work out what the hell I want to do!

2. Midnight in Paris might be my favourite film. It has everything I love Paris, portrayals of Hemingway and Fitzgerald and Marion Cottilard! Watch it if you haven't seen it. Paris looks beautiful - could it look any other way - and it features the 1920s!

3. Reading. The last 6 months or so at uni was so busy that I just didn't have time to read for pleasure so following the final hand in I settled down with a good read & just enjoyed it. Any book recommendations send them my way!

4. Getting to see ma mamma & dada. I went for home for just under a week to my Mum and Dad's house. I love going to my mum & dad's just to chill with the rents & my little pup. 5 nights, 4 day of doing not very much ... bliss!Lots of reading of Wolff Hall & Criminal Minds!

Happy Sunday!


9 May 2013

Hair Lusting.

Marion Coitillard is so beautiful and I want my hair like hers soooo much. Grow hair, grooooow! In fact can I just be her please...

Red hair.

 I at some point this week decided that I wanted red hair. So I impulsively bought a L'loreal Feria dye and some John Freida red shampoo and conditioner and now have red hair!! I am still getting use to it and am not 100% sure I like it but we will see.
 photo IMG_4558_zps6ee8e0d3.png

 photo IMG_4559_zps28fb77c0.png

 I just feel like none of my make up goes - in particular lipstick. What colour of bright lipstick would you wear? Help! Also I think a need to fake tan a little. I was planning on stripping it out but it will fade quickly, red always does... 

Happy Thursday! 

5 May 2013

Sunday Diary #17

 photo IMG_4550_zps73a67f71.png
Repping Paloma Faith before I get started on some uni work...

1. The end of uni is so very close. One more hand in & I am done! The excitement of what is to come is almost too much to take, I love change and new opportunities. Lets see what happens from now...

2. Growing out a pixie cut is a long, painful process - and I'm not far along the process. Everytime I tell people I tell people what I am planning they say "Noooo, don't do it!" I just want a nice little messy bob. All I am asking for!

3. I am still so into working out. I love doing at least a little bit of toning 6 days a week if I can't manage a whole workout. I have realised that I don't have to be overly obsessive about it however. It is okay to let loose a little & just do some extra work in my next workout!

4.I am considering giving up fake tan again partly because I watched Emma Pickles on Youtube and she looks so amazingly beautiful with her pale skin! Watch this space to see if it actually happens. Also go check out Emma Pickles, she is such a talented make up artist!

3 May 2013

Patterns, Heels & Dresses

H&M is a little hit and miss sometimes. There are times I go in and I want everything and others when nothing jumps out at me and I leave empty handed and sad to not have some other item to add to my already bursting wardrobe.

 photo IMG_4539_zps65fbcd52.png

These printed pants were on a Spring Offer. Originally £14.99 each, reduced to £7.49 each - bargain! I love trousers especially printed ones. I'm still figuring out how I want to wear them - the great tight vest top vs loose vneck tee debate is raging, it is tense! - I love the depth of the red print. They look more luxurious and a richer, heavier fabric rather than they actually are.  The black with white print will go with so much. I am searching for a orange tshirt to go with these, I think it would look amazing.

 photo IMG_4545_zps1544685a.png

The next was a "I really shouldn't buy these but I am going to" moment - we all have these! These New Look pumps were a steal at £16 (Students get 20% off at the moment) and go with everything, pretty much! I plan on wearing them with this lace sundress from H&M. I didn't have dressy shoes that would go with it on a night out so I had to buy them! My bad...

 photo IMG_4547_zpsb96e8517.png

The dress is just so girly and perfect. Totally not me but I love it with a bright clutch and a deep tan. Perfect. This dress comes in mint green too, I bought this but decided that I didn't need two of the same dress when we will probably have a week of summer sunshine!This dress is exceptionally hard to photography when not on the body but you get the general idea.

Happy Friday!