12 June 2013

14 Week Hair Update.

Growing out the pixie cut 

If you follow the blog you will know that I am currently in the process of growing out my super short pixie cut. (See the last two stages here) The simple reason being, I miss having hair to play about with! It has been 14 weeks since my last hair cut and my has grown - obviously! - quite a bit. It is getting there but it is a tricky little road to go down.

There are many obstacles on said road. Mullet being one. A fringe that is too short for the length of the rest of my hair. That's two. And finally having thick hair that builds up on the top of my head like a poorly chosen hat. All of these things I would like to keep to a minimum but I know that there will come a day when at least one will be bothering me. If it is all three then I am grabbing the clippers.

Apparently the first three months are the hardest so let us hope that soon it get's less bumpy... I will have a curly messy bob one day!

I haven't been blogging as much as I would have liked to recently mostly due to a really random, heavy cold consisting of a chesty cough, blocked nose and sore head. Who gets a cold in June?!

11 June 2013

Music Musing.

What I'm listening to at the moment #1

Following my stinky cold & an over powering urge to nest I took myself off to my bed with my laptop in tow. Music - along with reading - helps me sleep something which I couldn't get enough of the past few days so of course I needed some new songs to get me through.

Lana Del Rey - Young & Beautiful

I first heard this when I went to see The Great Gatsby and being a Lana fan I had to download it! The song is beautiful both in the context of the film and out.  Easy to listen to and just beautiful really.

Jay Z - Izzo (H.O.V.A)

Another Gatsby music musing! I heard this in the film and was reminded of this one. How I forgot about it we will never know. Definitely a song of the summer now! You can't beat a bit of Jay Z when you're getting ready for a night out.

Paramore - Ain't it fun

Adding to my growing love for Paramore, Ain't it fun is an incredibly catchy song that is relevant to my life at the moment. ..Ain't it fun living in the real world ... No Haley, not so much!  This is another summer song for sure along with Still into you.

Passenger -Let her go

This has become so popular recently. I won't be one of those people that go 'Oh I heard that aggggessss ago' cause they get on my nerves but  whenever you heard this I am sure you will agree how perfect it is.

Robin Thicke - Blurred Lines

Blurred Lines is just too catchy for its own good plus 3 charming men in suits (Well Pharell is in a suit of sorts?!) What isn't to love?! 

What are you all listening to at the moment?

6 June 2013


Four Random & Wonderful Years

Top left: 1st Year Top right: 2nd Year Bottom left: 3rd year Bottom right:4th year

When people tell you that University goes quickly & to really treasure the time - believe them! Uni, for me, is over after four interesting years. They definitely were some of the best years I've had. From random nights out to making new friends to getting involved with boys that were just not right for me resulting in some lessons learned. University was an adventure. One that I loved from start to finish.

As a person I changed a lot - physically and emotionally.  Although following four years, you wouldn't expect to be the same, would you?

Physically. I lost weight, cut off pretty much all my hair & adopted some more flattering apparel options. All of which have been positive steps in the forming of me. Emotionally, university allowed me to gain confidence that I wholly lacked in my previous formative years. As my very lovely dad reminds me "Remember, you're good!" He's right. I'm just as good as the next Tom, Dick and Harry. I just had to realise this little gem stone of information for myself. Confidence is an attractive quality. Believing in yourself is another. University definitely taught me this along with a mash of Marketing concepts!

It isn't all play at university remember, the aim of the game is to gain a degree at the end. That said, have fun too. Don't work yourself to the ground worrying about deadlines and grades. Let loose every now and then. You're only young once! Especially if you choose to attend uni in a city that is not your home stomping ground - as I did. Explore this new landscape of clubs, pubs, shops, cafes, museums. Trust me you will find the best places when you wander.

I loved university. I met people that I don't know what I would do without and I have found a city that I love beyond belief. I love this city so much I am staying on here following graduation in a lovely adult-y flat with a university friend! 

I wasn't going to include pictures through the years but I had to! It would be nothing without them. I apologies for the lack of nice photographs...

5 June 2013


Ch Ch Ch Changes 

So things on here are changing a little bitty. Nothing major. I am simply making the decision - one which I have been debating a lot recently - to change Erratic Glamour to Erratic Thoughts. I love fashion, this will never change, however there is more to me than my love of clothes. For a while now I have been itching to blog about other things. Things like food, music, books, my life! I am still planning to drop the old post about what I am donning clothes wise but I will be posting about other things too.

Erratic Thoughts is becoming my little corner of cyber space to detail my thoughts at that moment in time. Expect moans and groans along the way! Hey, if that is how I am feeling that is how I am feeling!

Happy Wednesday!

4 June 2013

Yet again hair lusting.

Ah Nicole Richie and your perfect hair. Is there no style this fashionable lady can't pull off?! This perfect fringed long bob  plays to all my senses. It is just too perfect for words!