28 September 2013

Everyday Face: Made Up #3: Back to black

Natural make up was the look of choice the past few weeks for a number of reason but being a black eyeliner fan - a very big one at that - of course there would come a day when I missed the smudgy, messy look that I ran to everyday for the past few years.

This look is my no means as heavy as my previous black eyeliner look, it is still black & probably a little much for daytime but I love it too much!  One thing I am taking from my venture into more natural make up is keeping my base simple. I will no doubt still sway to a natural look every now and again but today black eyeliner was a must.

I love how dark eyes look with pale skin. There isn't one particular reason that I can put my thumb on. I just love it especially with a little bronzer as a contour & a touch of highlighter. Perfect look. 

Bourjois Healthy Mix Radiance Reveal in Shade 51
Bourjois Healthy Mix concealer in Shade51
MAC Eyeshadows in Paridisco & Gleam -as highlighter & blush
Rimmel Sun Shimmer in Medium shimmer as a light contour

Sleek  Eau La La Liner in Black
Rimmel Black eyeshadow
MUA Undressed Palette used to fill in eyebrows

Boots Eyelash Curlers

Rimmel Lipstick in Nude Delight 

27 September 2013

Autumn Picks: Beauty.

We all want to be warm & stylish during the colder months but a girl has to have a good supply of beauty supplies too! The winter months bring paler skin, dry skin & rosy cheeks so a little TLC doesn't go a miss when you aren't feel bright eyed and bushy tailed.

In order to make myself feel a little more preened I have a selection of product I like to reach for when Jack Frost bites. The only area I have left out is hair simply due to my pixie growth process which has covered pretty much all my haircare needs!

Nails through out Autumn and winter tend to centre around plums and reds with Nails Inc being a favourite brand. Saville Row is a rich, plum shade that is a little softer than a true black but still has the deep, gothic shade that works perfectly in the colder months. Picadilly Circus is a deep cerise shade that is interesting without being a very bright, garish pink. Think a pink for a lady! I love this shade, it is so beautiful and is an interesting colour. Finally Victoria & Albert is a beautiful true red. I am a massive red nails fan & this polish does not disappoint.

Skin & body care. I have dry skin. There is no way around it. This said, I need to moisturse daily sometimes twice... For this I have become a huge fan of Dove Purely Pampering body cream with Shea Butter and warm vanilla. I love this cream. It isn't too heavy or sticky that I can't get dressed after I put it on & the smell is light but still has a little kick. For my face, Nivea soft is a staple. This cream never lets me down.

For scent, I have gone for an old favourite of Chloe. I prefer the eau de perfume but sadly I can't part with the money currently so settled for the toilette. The smell is quite musky but smells amazing when it has settled into your skin & lingers. 

A few make up picks now. For eyes, I am all about a bit of smokeyness which the MUA Undressed palette is perfect for. Plus it is an absolute steal! The colours are a mix of matte and shimmers ranging from light brown to charcoal shade making it so simple to create an interesting eye look. For lips, the Nivea lip butter in caramel cream has been a staple since the summer & I am sure will see me through the colder months. I have decided to go fake tan free this Autumn/Winter, partly due to my skin being not so great & partly due to my love of pale skin with dark eyes! For this I have stuck with my one true love, Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum in shade 51, light vanilla.

9 September 2013

26 Week Pixie Update.

So this 26 week pixie growing mark has come & gone. This Monday saw my hair reach 26 weeks of growth, 6 month! Looking back over my hair the last few months, I cannot believe how short my hair was but it has definitely got some length to it. I had a little 'I hate my hair why isn't it long' moment at the weekend but I just have to keep telling myself eventually it will how I long for it to be... *sigh*

The length still isn't at the right place to be worn out from out from my ears but not long hopefully. A little faked up do might come soon too... I think I need to go for a mullet trim & a little bit of the weight taken off from the top. I'm so excited for my messy, curly bob! I have noticed a big difference in my hair since I started taking Vitamin B Complex and Vitamin E again. Whether they are helping or it is in my head who knows...

I am going to get a little tidy up on Wednesday at the hair dressers, my mullet is getting a little unruly & some weight needs taken off the top then I think I will be content with continuing with the growing.

Happy Monday!