2 March 2014

L I F E / S I X - F O R - S U N D A Y

*I took little to no pictures on the old iPhone this week so a random snap I send to Mama erratic glamour pre-purchase it is.

1. This week saw my first ever planning and buying experience at my new job! It was most exciting and nice to be doing a job that relates to my degree area. It makes working for 4 years - and getting into debt - feel worthwhile.

2. The gym. I haven't been in a long time and my at home workout routine has ground to a halt so I decided to join the gym a few streets up from my work. I need to do some exercise, sitting at a desk all day make me feel really sluggish and meh so a bit of exercise should see me right. And I bought new pretty Nike trainers featuring the fav colour ... orange!

3.Good Reads is my latest obsession. Being a book lover this site just played to all my senses and is aiding in finding more books more the 12 books of 2014 scheme. Not that I need to add more to my already bulging pile of to read books!

4. I found my perfect white blazer in good old H&M for £24.99 - bargain. It is exactly what I wanted in a blazer added that to the matching suit I bought, orange top and dark grey jeans and a shopping spree I did have. I need them for work...

5. After about a week of brown/red hair I have decided to strip the colour out my hair. It's a nice colour but a tad too red for me even if it does look quite cool with my fringe bob. The anti dandruff shampoo is out in prep of the stripping process and hopefully before long I will be back to my blondy-brown locks in no time.

6.I have had a sudden burst to search out vintage pieces for my wardrobe. I am not sure why to be honest apart from seeing so many people that have found interesting and different pieces that are vintage. Plus velvet features heavily in Vintage shops - love me some velvet hubba hubba.

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  1. Great orange top. And I love the suit. I really want a two-piece!