4 May 2014

Six For Sunday.

One // Permanent Member of Staff

February 2014 saw the start of my first ever real adult job. 3 months on and Friday was the day I was confirmed as a permanent member of staff after passing my probation period. I'm so happy to have passed this and to be kept on. How exciting to be a permanent member of staff. Definitely a nice way to finish a busy week.

Two // Spring Clean

Re arranging my room is a bit of a secret love pass time of mine. It is just so fun to organise my things! Plus my room was hella messy. Who knew so much dust gathers in the 2 weeks since I hoovered last. When I say 2 weeks I mean like 4 1/2.... duh. Now it feels fresh and more organised. Come at me working week!

Three // Fake Nails

Tricky to carry out day to day tasks but they look cool. No other excuse is necessary really. I love how they look and actually the challenge of everyday tasks is actually kind of fun... she says on day 1. Currently they are nude but I don't know whether a little colour would look better on them and make them look less fake? #firstworldproblems

Four // Spotify

Many moons ago - last year, Emma don't exaggerate - I was a Spotify premium user but at £10 a month I just couldn't justify forking out the dolla for music. After a brief break, I am now back in black on Spotify - as a free user. The adverts are a little annoying, there is no denying it but as I work in a media agency this probably blasphemy... I'll score out number one after my boss has sacked me!

Now that I'm back on Spotify I am actually loving it again. So many songs and playlists to keep myself amused with. I mean who doesn't need the mixed generation party playlist in the shower. Nothing beats Lady Gaga followed by The Nolans.

Five // Hearts & Bows

A brand that until recently I had no idea even existed. Utterly shocking, I know. I got a gorgeous printed shift dress with some lace detail on the back from Ark Clothing by Hearts & Bows - obviously. A sale purchased at £14, I think. It's cute maybe a tad short but YOLO! With a little bodycon skirt underneath it should be fine.

Hearts & Bows make really pretty playsuits. I ordered one from Ark that was also a sale item but sadly didn't fit. Damn my lady lumps. I'm joking lady lumps, I am very attached to you. I digress. Cut a long story short, I now am on a major hunt to find a H&A playsuit and to sell the one I picked up that is too small. Tweet me if you are interested and I'll let you know the details.

Six // April in a Whole

April wasn't overly productive for me. All I really did was work, well that is how it feels. May I want to be more productive. I need to blog more, read book 4/12 for 12 books for 2014, do more extra curricular activities. Lets see how much I can get done in May!


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