11 May 2014

Six For Sunday.

one // piercing
Thursday lunchtime saw myself and a work chummy taking ourselves off to get piercings. What else would you be doing with your lunch time? I went for a hoop on my helix. Sitting next to my tragus and my rook I think my helix hoop - chuckle chuckle - sits well. Totally worth being slightly late back to work for.

two // illness
This week well since about October actually I have been feeling pretty shitty. I won't go into too much detail because nobody wants that. I spent most of the week feeling weepy, tired and generally crappy! Hopefully by the end of the month there will be a proper diagnosis.

three // new girl
Why, why, why have I never been exposed to the wonders and delights of New Girl before now?! So funny and I am always a fan of a gal with a fringe. Anyone seen pictures of Zooey without a fringe? She looks like a totally different person! 

four // the first Georgians
More TV. A little bit a hugely different type genre. BBC 4 know a good documentary. I love a good documentary. Especially if it is of a time period or a historic point that I have an interest in. Everyday is a school day after all. Lucy Worsley takes us through the first Georgians marking the three hundredth succession of the Hanoverian succession. I am a massive fan of Lucy Worsley - intelligent, engaging and informative she offers all that is to be expected of a historian in a documentary. If my little blurb has tickled your fancy then go please and watch it. Episode two aired on Thursday night and the third and final episode airs this coming Thursday. 

five // books 4 Less
While heading for the post office I stumbled across a shop called Books 4 Less.Anywhere that allows me to get four books for £7 is okay by me. I went for an Austen, a Grisham, a Rankin and a Silva. More books was not something that I needed, at all, but it was a bargain and I love a book!

six // little bit of extra reading
I hate feeling like an idiot. I'm not an idiot but when you lack knowledge that everyone else has - I feel like an idiot. My solution for this is to study. How will I learn if I don't expose myself to it then I can actually contribute something useful to the conversation.This sounds totally cryptic but I guess it is partly advise to myself on the area I want to learn more about and just a little message to anyone that feels the same!

Happy Sunday!




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