29 January 2014

Hair: 43 Week Pixie Update.

It has been nearly 11 months since I started growing out my pixie cut. As expected it has come a long way! I still have a bit to go but I have length now with some shorter layers here and there. My hair dresser and I have a plan - one which we both agree on which is essential - so a bob can't be long off now.

Although what I want is a long, curly bob in the end for now I want to play about with the cut. I am considering the Alexa Chung bob with a middle part but before I do this I am thinking about possibly getting a fringe cut in. At the moment, the style generally tends to be as much volume as possibly to fake a sort of beehive style. I need to get the back of my hair trimmed as it is a touch longer than the rest right now and is looking a tad mullet-esque.

As far as hair care goes, not a lot has changed. I switched out some products in order to get my hair a little sleeker instead of the volume that I was aiming for before. Vitamin wise, B complex has been a massive one but I can be a bit lazy when it comes to taking these! I think regardless, my hair will grow with or without a vitamin supplement. I'm hoping for at least a bit of a messy, curly bob by summer. I don't see why it wouldn't happen.

I don't update on my pixie cut growing out all that often but at nearly 11 months I'm not sure there is a lot left to show. The awkward stages are almost completely passed so I guess when I get my haircut next I will have a wee check in!

I apologise for the quality of the pictures, I don't have a laptop at the moment so am having to use my iphone!

28 January 2014

Book Review: Longbourn

After deciding spur of the moment that I was too unwell to stay in Edinburgh with my chummies for New Year, I bored a train - following tears resulting from feeling shit and a cancelled train - and took myself on the 19:58 services to Glasgow Queen Street. When arriving at my destination, I had time to waste before my connecting train departed. The only place open at 20:53 on the 30th of December 2013 was WHSmith.

Naturally I wandered in searching out a snack, little did I know I would be leaving 2 books heavier and a snack in tow - naturally. I had heard about Longbourn by Jo Baker initially from my Auntie on Christmas Day. As soon as I heard the words Pride and Prejudice, a different take and based below stairs - I was sold!

Initial Thoughts
When I don't feel well I do two things: sleep and read. Longbourn is a perfect book to get into if you are feeling a little under the weather, it isn't written in the sometimes confusing and difficult to keep up wording of Jane Austen's novels. Let's be honest, when you feel horrible trying to battle through the turn of the 19th Century dialect is not what you fancy.

Each chapter begins with a short tag line, I guess you could call it, from Pride and Prejudice to keep you up to date with the happenings from upstairs. This allows you to get an idea of the kind of work and preparation that goes into Mr Collins coming to Longbourn, for example, or the Bingleys inviting Jane to Netherfield Hall.

I've a couple of chapters into Volume Two of the book and so far I have been really enjoying reading Longbourn. I haven't been able to predict what is going to happen which is always a good thing!

Final Thoughts

After enjoying the first volume of Longbourn by Volume Two I had lost interest. The plot seemed to be developing at the slowest pace known to man. Eventually I lost interest, if a book feels like a task you have to force yourself to sit down and do - it isn't worth it. With a snappier plot line and less pointless information i probably would have read this straight through. I understand that the mundane, day-to-day tasks for Sarah, The Hills, Polly and James were probably described with such detail to show just that but it did nothing for me.

My next read is Paris Revealed by Stephen Clarke which so far I am really enjoying. This year, I'm setting myself the challenge of reading a book a month so hopefully doing little reviews on here will keep me reading. What are you reading just now?

26 January 2014

Life: Six for Sunday

. George . Night out face . Best phone case ever . Dull and dank Glasgow . Manic tweeting pre the call .

1. I had a very concise and well planned blogging calendar for this week but no laptop and a busy week meant I wasn't able to follow through. This might be one of the most annoying things especially when you have the blogging bug! I can post from my phone, it just isn't partixury good for seeing how a post looks on a computer screen. Fingers crossed, my laptop will be back with me Wednesday or Thursday...

2. This weeks been a big one, we'll start from Monday. On Monday, I got the phone call I had been waiting for, I only went and got te graduate job I applied for! I start a week on Monday so of course I had to get new bits for my dressy casual office. Naturally.

3. When I found out about the job I was at my mum and dad's house in Glasgow. I love going to home for a little break, cannot beat it. I got to spend time with my little dog, George and take him for walks in a very dull, dank Glasgow! 

4. Friday saw myself and my girls having a little night out. My first since October! Not a clue how that happened... I love getting dressed up, doing my make up and going out. Not a massive fan of getting wasted, not entirely worth it on my opinion. 

5. As my hair is getting longer, I am swinging between getting a fringe cut in or just letting my hair growth out all over and go from when I've got the length I want. Hmm tricky... 

6. How did I get to number six and forget to mention that obviously I have got a new job so naturally I am *finally* leaving the job that saw me through university. I wouldn't say I was very sad about it, I've wanted it to come for a while so onwards and upwards, I guess. 

Hopefully everyone has a lovely Sunday!

20 January 2014

Fashion: Leather trousers

Recently I feel like I've had a sudden burst of fashion inspiration. Resulting in many an hour spent scrolling through Pinterest - emmafisk89, if you're on there - searching out new bits to add to my wish list.

Leather trousers have been dancing about in my sub concious this past few days. I have two dream outfits: super casual maybe with a checked flannel and velvet slippers or dressed up, rose gold pointy toe shoes with gold chunky jewellery and a black vest top or oversized t-shirt. 

Pinterest, naturally, had endless pictures that I loved but instead of drowning you in leather, I figured three of my favourites was enough. 

Both the perfect mix of casual and dressy without one suffocating the other. I would 100% wear either of these during the day or probably for dinner and drinks with tha gal pals. 

A little more dressy, this one is probably a bit more fancy drinks/dinner possibly ending up with a bit of twerking on a dance floor somewhere... 

Leather trousers are on my buy list - we all have one - simply because I think they would make an interesting and useful addition to my black trouser collection. I'm thinking Zara will probably be a good shout to ind a good pair of affordable leather trousers. 

18 January 2014

Life: six for Sunday

This week has been a busy one and it is safe to say I am exhausted! One more 5.55am rise then a holiday! Without further adue here is this weeks six...

1. I finally bit the bullet and got my Tragus pierced! It wasn't nearly as painful as I thought and I love it. It's a bit tender just now but it's only been a day. 2014 is the year of yolo remember.

2. Of course a piercing requires post piercing pints! So myself and my chummy took ourselves for a few. Deep chatter, fits of giggles and too many snapchats. The lassies a gem!

3. Pretty interview view. Edinburgh is just such a gorgeous city even on a murky January day, the place is beautiful.

4. Laptop-less yet again. Apparently there is a problem with my hard drive?! Just something PC world may want I no, I I hand my laptop in in Thursday maybe make sure it is sent away before the following Wednesday... Not impressedz

5. This coming week I am taking a little trip to my mum and dad's. Yay! I can't wait to just chill for a week and catch up on some sleep. Bliss. 

6. Summer has featured heavily in my thoughts recently. Just hurry up! I wZnt some sunshine and that amazing summer feeling! 

Happy Sunday lovelies. 

14 January 2014

Fashion: Hauling.

shopping wasn't my main aim of my trip into town but i somehow came away with a few little treats for myself. what's a girl to do! i had the idea of a new bag in my head for a while and the shoes had been a long time coming. They are necessary if you saw the state of my old Fred Perry Tennis pumps which they sadly have discontinued. 

Bag £19.99 in the Mango Sale. Earrings £9.99 (Not a sale item) 

Cobalt Blue V Neck Basic Tee Forever 21 £3, Rings £3-4 per pack

Vans Schuh £40

i saw this bag and after much posing in the mirror decided to get it, at half price i would only regret it. it is a totally different style for me as i normally go for a "wag" bag style. over the shoulder is actually a lot more functional plus i like the 'look' of the bag. the earrings were 100% a splurge moment purchase, i love the shape of them which is basically why i bought them. possibly with a a simple vest top, jeans and heels... watch this space i guess.

the tshirt is the product of my forever 21 procrastination order and has actually been a very successful order. the tshirt is a nice cut, good quality and a gorgeous colour. all for £3, bargain! as for the rings, i had been searching out simple gold bands for as long as i can remember but all the ones i came across came up a little expensive. finding this pack of normal rings and above the knuckle rings for under £4 is such a steal. they are exactly what i was hunting for. the other rings again were just what i was looking for, some simple rings that aren't totally plain but not massively in your face. forever 21 is definitely a stop for accessories. 

finally meet my lovely new vans. i debated between vans or converse for ages then once i had eventually settled for vans the colour debate raged. black or grey? in the end i settled for grey, i wear a lot of black anyway so this is a nice little change if only shifting one colour! i cannot wait to wear these babies. 

apart from a phone case that is on it's way to me, that is my shopping stash for now. i was thinking the other day about how much my style has changed again. i went through a little period where i changed *a lot* to fit with someone when really i should have stuck to who i was and what i liked rather than changing for a silly reason. in the end, i only made myself miserable! 

Happy Tuesday lovlies 

13 January 2014

Beauty: Favourite Foundations

Foundation truly sets the starting point for your make up. It can take a add to a relaxed vibe or pull a vamp-y look together with a quick application. Personally going without foundation is not something I am willing to do - unless extremely ill, hungover or forced at gun point - it is the base for my make up, it provides an even canvas for me to do what I feel that day. Of course with this much passion for those little pots of magic, I would naturally have some favourites. So let's get cracking on my current favourite foundations, shall we?

Bourjois Healthy Mix Radiance Reveal
Price: £9.99
Finish: Dewy. Healthy Glow.

Radiance Reveal promises 16 hours of radiance that will battle fatigue and maintain a youthful complexion. Whether this is true or not is debatable however there is no doubting that this foundation gives the skin a glowy, well rested look while remaining natural. Of course it can be built up in order to gain a heavier coverage. From the three foundations, I would say this one if my favourite simply because I've not found it to be difficult to work with or had any issues. 

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum
Price: £10.99
Finish: Dewy. Semi Matte. Buildable coverage.

Being a gel based serum formula this foundation works perfectly on dry skin which I why I think I love it so much. A little goes a long way and it can easily be built up if more coverage is desired. As with all the Healthy Mix range, this product gives a beautiful healthy glow that covers signs of fatigue seamlessly. My only bit of criticism about this foundation is that sometimes I do find it to gather a little on my nose and chin if it hasn't been worked into the skin properly. 

Revlon Nearly Naked 
Price: £8.99
Finish: Seamless, natural coverage. 

I will get my only complaint about the Revlon Nearly Naked out of the way, it has no pump! This foundation makes a mess, if you pour out too much it can be wasteful and at least once you will end up smearing it everywhere! Apart from the lack of pump, Nearly Naked it a beautiful foundation. Very light and sheer but still buildable for those days when a little extra coverage is required and doesn't require a lot of blending as it practically melts into your skin! 

Although I said Radiance Reveal is probably my favourite, I'm the sort of person that gets bored of a foundation so switches it up and the chances of me choosing one of the other two are extremely high. No matter how many times I try out a new foundation release, at one point or another I will no doubt venture back to my old trusty favourite of Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum, Radiance Reveal or Revlon's Nearly Naked.

Have you tried any of these foundations? What do you think about them?

Happy Monday! 

12 January 2014

Life: Six for Sunday

1. It has been a funny week this one, busy but actually not that busy if that makes any sense. I was back to work after being off sick for a week.  The time off was necessary, I just wasn't well enough to be there and I am still in some pain due to it. Onwards and upwards.

2. Jobs have played a major role this week. I got offered a new role in work that be good experience on my CV, never a bad thing! Along with researching for interview prep and getting my head round more blog features.

3. Since I have been feeling better, I decided to undertake the 30 Day Squat Challenge again. I did this during my fitness phase of last Spring-Summer and really noticed a difference to my bottom and legs. As long as you stick to it, you will get through them.

4. In a low point of entertaining myself instead of doing my interview prep, I made myself a little Forever 21 order. Although, the ring packs I got are too small, the basic £3 tee I bought is perfect. Especially for £3, more coming my way very soon...

5. I am considering getting a fringe cut in. Purely to change up my hair a bit while it continues to grow out. I had a fringe years ago when my hair was long but who knows if this will actually happen!

6. Next week is yet another busy week for me. Interviews, work and I get my flatmate back on Monday night - Yay! I cannot wait to see her little face and catch up on all the pointless but very serious chatter we have.

Happy Sunday!

10 January 2014

Style Crush #29

A Style Crush post hasn't been seen on Erratic Glamour for almost a year (!!) For whatever reason this little post slipped from my conscious until I decided to have a mess about with my blog and somehow found myself sifting through post of blogging past.

Number 29 is dedicated to one, Alexa Chung.

When it comes to effortless style this lady has it down to a tee. Whether it is a casual jeans and tshirt to some denim cut offs and simple blouse or a vamped up red carpet look Alexa Chung always looks amazing. Nothing is overly fussy nor is it completely basic. A simple texture or accessory pulls the look together. The chosen outfits vary from casual, dressy casual and hands down red carpet chic. I would pick a favourite of the three but I can't/don't want to. They are all so effortless yet cool (detest that word) and stylish. Massive love for this lady - and her fabulous hairstyles.

Has anyone got her book? I am considering it seen as I appear to have developed a little girl crush!

5 January 2014

Life: Six for Sunday

                                                Charlotte Square- Edinburgh 

1. 2014 was brought in quietly - very quietly actually as I was asleep long before midnight - but due to a rather nasty infection going out and seeing the New Year in with my friends just wasn't going to happen. Instead I spent New Years Day with my parents, dog and my book! It was actually really lovely. 

2. Edinburgh has adopted me. I came here 4, nearly 5 years ago for University, and fell in love. To the extent that I stayed. My little Instagram snap of the Christmas tree in Charlotte Square is a fitting tribute to the beautiful city.

3. Erratic Glamour had herself a little make over this morning. Something about the old layout, I just didn't like so I re-did. New Year and all! 

4. My flatmate and I have decided to jazz up our living room a bit. Purely for the fact it is a bit plain. A few personal touches here and there to make it a bit more homely will pull it all together and I think probably make us want to spent most of our time in there. Ikea we're coming for you. 

5. Being a Jane Austen fan of course when I caught wind of the newest take on Pride and Prejudice I would have to snapple it up. And I did. Longbourn by Jo Baker is the 'behind the scenes' story if you like. It details the daily occurrences of the Servants while Lizzie is upstairs swooning over Darcy. So far I have been totally sucked in. 

6. Sherlock has returned to our screens *fan girl screams* I am a massive Sherlock fan. Every form of the man. Stories, films, TV programmes... The BBC adaptation is one of my favourites. Benedict Cumberbatch is just so good. Don't contact me from 8.30pm till 10pm tonight... episode 2 shall be getting devoured. 

Happy Sunday! 

4 January 2014

Book Review: Lunch In Paris

Whilst pottering about on Amazon, as you do, I came across 'Lunch in Paris' by Elizabeth Bard. I was initially attracted to this novel due to it's setting being Paris - I love Paris -  then quickly realised that food featured heavily alongside the perfect backdrop. A couple of clicks & Lunch in Paris was on it's way to me.

Initial Thoughts
From the get-go this book is romantic. So very romantic. For a dreamer, this book is perfect to get lost in and is based on real events. *sigh*

The plot is developed based around the meals the pair share together as they get to know each other and their relationship develops. For select meals, the recipe features at the end of the chapter which is a nice idea which I also enjoyed in 'Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe' by Fannie Flagg.

        "He inverted the pan, shook it from side to side, and out of the ninety-nine-cent pot came a dessert fit  for Louis XIV, a perfectly moulded apricot Charlotte, each ladyfinger standing to attention, held together by a layer of cream and studded with slices of fruit."

So far, I am really enjoying Lunch in Paris. It isn't overly difficult to read without being seriously dumb-ed down. The characters haven't presented any opportunity to get on my nerves so far and I am just enjoying the food, romance and most of all Paris! The predictability is low with in this story possibly due to the events being real life meaning there are no cheesy cliches that sometimes feature in fiction of this nature.

Finished the book

On finishing this book, I instantly opened my laptop & searched Paris on Pinterest which resulted in a pinning marathon!  'Lunch in Paris' is beautifully written, mixing details about the authors life and events with observations of French life & culture seamlessly. To begin with, I always read the recipes at the end of the chapters but towards the end the chose not to instead choosing to skim them. I figured if I wanted a knew recipe I can come back to them.

         "One pragmatic 10 does not a social circle make, so I finally agreed to do what I'd been       dreading and began exploring the more formalized American expat community." 

Everything about this book was so perfect. If you enjoy a light yet not overly simple novel that includes food, romance & Paris then 'Lunch In Paris' is without a doubt for you. A perfect read for a chilly winter day or even for taking on holiday!

                                                               * * * * *
                                                         5 stars out of 5

3 January 2014

Life: 2014 Resolutions.

As far as I am aware, I've never actually set down resolutions for myself in writing or on the internet for that matter! 2014 is just the year to do so. This way I guess I am somewhat accountable for not achieving said resolutions. I also have the ability to look back when 2015 (scary thought) rolls round I can check off what I have and haven't done.

I wanted to make my resolutions as precise as they could be in order to stay focused on them so here goes!

2014 Resolutions 

1. Find a French tutor in Edinburgh and actually learn the language.

2. Gain some experience in digital marketing whether it be in a permanent role or an internship.

3. Develop my knowledge of blogging including photo editing, HTML coding and improving my writing techniques.

4. Improve and expand on erratic glamour. Including posting regularly.

5. Get back to working out at least 3-4 times a week. Making use of the RunKeeper app.

6. Save & go on holiday this year with te girls. 

7. Live in the moment more. Less over thinking and worry more living for now. #yolo

What are your 2014 resolutions? 

1 January 2014

Life: A - Z of 2013

2013 is drawing to a close & before long we will be welcoming in a whole new year of adventures, happenings & changes. As years go, this past year has been an eventful one for myself, many things have gone on which - looking back on - have mostly been good. With this thought in my head, I figured a post looking back over the year & what I've have achieved is fitting so here goes the A to Z of 2013! (minus a few letters...)

Adult - No longer a university student I guess I would now be classes as an adult. *sigh* I miss university life but it was never going to last forever & at the time it was pretty amazing.

 Books - University & Dissertation writing halted my love of reading & buying new books this year, I just didn't have the time. Once I got use to having some free time, my love for literature & the written word has been alighted once more.

Cooking - This year I discovered a love for find ingredients in the cupboard & make something tasty. I love this approach to cooking, you really do surprise yourself with what you can make with what is lying in your cupboard.

Dissertation - The dreaded Honors dissertation took over pretty much all to most of January to March but in the end I had produced a piece of work that I was incredibly proud of & that got me a mark I am happy with! Hard work pays off.

Eyeliner - During the summer I set down my eyeliner adopting a more natural look but of course that wouldn't last & normal eyeliner service was resumed by the Autumn!

Florist - While seeking full time work, I managed to pick up some extra hours at my current work as a Florist. Basically the only part of the job I enjoy is arranging the bouquets... It's a new skill, what can I say!

Graduation - June 2013 saw my Graduation ceremony. Being an individual that isn't overly enthused about situations putting me in the spot light, the over all day was nice & was a proud point in the year for me.

Healthy Outlook - The Spring & Summer was when this passion was at it's greatest height. I fell into a pattern of eating well & working out regularly. I felt amazing. The best I have felt possibly. 2014 is definitely going to see this resurrected, nothing feels as good as healthy feels

iPhone - August 2013. Emma meet iPhone. I am never going back. After Blackberry had a terrible meeting with the toilet a replacement was needed ASAP, centre stage iPhone!

Job Hunting - Proving difficult through out the latter half of the year, my dream job still hasn't presented itself. Sure, I was offered jobs but none of them were really what I wanted nor truly excited me. Hopefully 2014 will bring job in the job department.


Lunch in Paris by Elizabeth Bard - Probably one of my favourite, if not my favourite book, that I have read in 2013. It involved everything I love; Paris, food, romance all merged together in a beautiful story that truly set the dreamer in me into a day dreaming frenzy!

Moving - University was finished. Students we were not therefore a student flat is no longer open to us. Myself & my roomie, Emma said farewell to our home of 2 years in the City Centre & took ourselves off to a gorgeous, more mature flat located in Morningside.

New Posion - Slightly cheating with this one ...but Gin was sampled this year & has become my drink of choice over vodders. Who would have thought I would give up that tipple for a new one!

Over weight or under weight - Growing up I was never happy with my weight but this year I've developed a healthy outlook to weight & have stopped obsessing about it as much. I want to be fit & healthy not a bag of  bones!

Pixie cut, no more - March 2013 was the month I decided I had had enough of my pixie cut for now & began the painfully slow & irritating process of growing it. Now 9 months on, it is getting there but it still has a little way to go before I get my messy, wavy bob I've barked on about for months...


Resolutions - Particularly in the past few weeks, I have been thinking of what my resolutions are for the New Year. I have a few ideas flying about in my head mostly based around job goals, wanting to learn French & wanting to travel more than I did in 2013. Also, to be a little more spontaneous with things, sometimes planning isn't necessary!

Story Writing - Growing up I was always scribbling down little stories & since finishing university this has become a nice little pass time of mine. I forgot how much I loved doing it!

Twenty Four - 2013 saw my 24th Birthday. Crazy times. Two months in I can't actually believe that I am 24!

University - As I've mentioned a few times before, 2013 saw the end of University life. I was sad about this but the time had to come. I am now just excited for what else is to come!

Valerie - Valerie is my mum. The woman is an amazing person who has always been there for me.

Watching - Again a bit of a cheat but February 2013 included a little trip to see Paloma Faith. She was so graceful, beautiful & truly amazing to see live. Next time she tours, I will be there.

X - This year I let go of a lot of horrible things that had gone on in the past. I completely cut people out of my life, no way to contact me & I am so much happier for it. I've moved on. Let the past, be the past.

Yolo - One thing I've realised in 2013 is that YOLO is relevant. I sense a theme for 2014...

Z'all the best for 2014! - Slight cop out but Z is a tricky letter. I hope everyone has an amazing New Year with lots of happy times!