28 February 2014

S T Y L E - C R U S H - # 3 3

Lily Allen is a bit like Marmite. You love her or you don't - hate is too strong an emotion, I think - I fall into the love category - again possibly too strong an emotion... Nevertheless after watching The Brit awards last week & catching Lily's new music video, I remembered how my late teen self had a bit of a girl crush on the mouthy, bubbly pop songstress. With a collection of beautiful clothes, I figured it was only fitting that Ms Allen should feature as Style Crush Number 33 here on erratic glamour.

I have obviously chosen night time looks for our Lil' purely because they are the most common one that you find (and she does a night time glam look to perfection!)  Classic, simple pieces that have a touch of something different and eye catching. Seems to be the general summary of what I like!

What do you think of Lily Allen's style?

26 February 2014

B O O K - R E V I E W : P A R I S - R E V E A L E D

Continuing with my book a month for 2014, February saw my literary senses being tingled by Stephen Clarke's Paris Revealed. After spotting the word Paris on the cover in a charity shop, I quickly snapped it up and skipped up the road to continue my love affair with the city of lights.

Each chapter details a different element of Parisian life from the Metro to water before a discussion on sex and ending with some detail on the apartments of Paris! Basically if you want a little bit of insight into the social history and the day to day happenings of the city - this is your friend.

Clarke has a dry sense of humour which I of course chuckled along too as well as his chatty nature which made you feel at ease and discussing the city with a friend assisting you in your move. Complete with photographs related to the chapter and a little bit of French thrown in here and there this book will make you want to up sticks and move to Paris, like I needed encouragement...

Other titles by the author include the non-fiction books 'A 100 Years of Annoying the French' and 'Talk to the Snail' along with a host of fiction. After reading Paris Revealed and enjoying it thoroughly from cover to cover, I am 100% going to research Clarke's other titles. I obviously need more French based books...

2/12 so far for my book every month in 2014. Good start I would say *pats self on the back* so Number 3 of this 12 part challenge  is Daphne Du Maurier 'Jamaica Inn'. A book described by Mama erratic glamour as a page turner that is written so well you feel the eerie, unsettled atmosphere. I for one cannot wait for this. See you next month for another book installment!

24 February 2014

H A I R : N E W - DO

With just under a year of hair growth, I finally was able to go to the hair dressers this weekend and get an actual style cut in! No more awkward hair in between stage of part mullet, part I don't know what the fuck. I now actually have some shape and some style. Winning.

I went to Cheynes Hairdressers in Brunstfield for the first time after finding out my previous hairdresser had up sticks for the Southern Hemisphere and the land of Oz! Going to a new hairdressers can be daunting especially as with my old hairdressers I had established an understanding that I'm pretty casual about chopping off my hair - see pixie cut of years gone by - or slabbing on some colour - see platinum pixie, red pixie, black... - he understood that I was open to ideas. My new hair dressers at Cheynes seems to be of the 'lets just cut it and it'll be cool' mind set as well. Excellent, I thought to myself.

The end result was a Lily Allen-esque bob with a full fringe. I love it! It's a wee bit interesting, not everyone has it and I finally have some length (not a great deal but it is there) to my hair. I see this being the haircut of choice for the foreseeable future. Strange thing is, I send Mama erratic glamour a photo of my new locks and she sent one back saying 'you look like that singer, lily something!' Weirrrrd... Mama eg knows where it's at clearly!

In terms of colour, I am thinking a rich red. I bought a Mahogany wash out colour to gauge it for now but I think a rich red would look really nice with the cut instead of my mousy brown tressles. Plus it means buying lots of lovely haircare products, Boots is 3for2 after all... The comb is just because I am going to try and keep my hair in tip top condition so wet hair shant be seeing a brush and it was 55p... Talk about throw back packaging. Garnier Ulitmate Blends Shampoo and conditioner with argan oil & cranberry in 90s package. Hellllo.

23 February 2014

L I F E : S I X - F O R - S U N D A Y

1. Yesterday I finally got my haircut. Rocking a fringe with some length that I can wear down. I have got a full post about my new head of hair well it's not new hair but you know what I mean! I hope?! I won't spoil the surprise for y'all. That wouldn't be fun but if the anticipation is getting to much for you and you don't think you can wait till the day that I finally post the fore mentioned post then go have a peep at my Instagram. I cannot be blamed for any disappointment.

2. Gaslight Anthem has been my soundtrack for the week without a doubt. You can't beat a good Gaslight track. Lyrics with meaning,some guitar and Brian's husky lovely voice. Easy way to get my through my bus ride home from work. Every words handwritten, don't ya know!

3. Friday night involved a lads night with Clare. Lads night includes pizza and cider. We aren't hardcore enough for beer... one day we'll be true lads. One day... *sigh* Anyway, Clare is a YouTuber - Clare McBean - following my awkward experiment on the video platform that is, we decided to make a couple of videos together. This will probably be my first on my channel as I decided my old ones were too awkward, I hated my facial expressions and shat it! Basically. Go check out Clare though.

4. Following my Saturday haircut, myself and my Croc - private joke - Emma took ourselves out for eats. After trying 2 places - one was full, the other just plain manky - we took ourselves to Bar Soba on Hanover Street. An Asian mix with a cocktail menu that features some different and tasty mixes. The food was amazing and that is coming from a non-spice fan. Atmosphere was nice and my company was excellent as always. (I have to be nice about my friends now seen as they read this...)

5. My search for a new TV programme has hit an all time low. Where are all the good TV programmes?! All I'm asking for is some form of crime investigation, possibly an attractive male I can pretend is my boyfriend and possibly a little romance - between attractive male and probably equally as attractive female.

6. Sunday is going to be filled with not a lot. I love a lazy Sunday. Possibly jammies all day cause I'm that crazy and if I manage to find a good programme a good few eps of that...

Happy Sunday Cheekas!

21 February 2014

S T Y L E - C R U S H - # 3 2

If I am being honest with you, Poppy Delevinge had never crossed my radar before last week. I had no interest in her or her sisters until I saw her outfit at one of the fore mentioned sisters wedding. Poppy like simple yet interesting. A simple black tshirt but with cut out detail - genius.

19 February 2014

F A S H I O N : Z A R A - H A U L

I am a little bit late on jumping on the Zara sale bandwagon, it's February & these are the only things I've bought from Zara since the sale began. That my friends is self control. So as you may or may not know, I got a new job which led my lovely grandparents to send me a little card with some money in as a well done. I figured buying some new bits for work would be a sensible move.

Polka dot blouse £12.99 
 I had considered this blouse before Christmas but didn't actually buy it till now and I am so glad I did. It is a lovely material and a decent length coming to sit on the hip. I've worn it with black jeans, boots & my black fur gilet to work and at night with black leather trousers and black platforms.

Black High Neck Jumper with Key Hole Detail on the back - £7.99
I didn't include the whole jumper because essentially it is just a plain black round neck jumper so all you can see is the detail on the back. I'm not entirely sure about the front of the jumper, I think it sits a little oddly but the detail on the back is perfect.

Poppy Print Skirt- £9.99
Mama erratic glamour sent me a newspaper cutting of this skirt towards the end of the summer, I agreed it was lovely but didn't feel like spending £29.99 on it. Fate obviously brought the two of us together! The skirt is a beautiful, bright piece that I can see myself wearing in the summer with sandals and a camisole or while it's colder with a chunky sweater and some boots.

So that is my little Zara haul! Zara sale is just too good to avoid. Anyone get any good buys in the sales?

17 February 2014

16 February 2014

L I F E : S I X - F O R - S U N D A Y

1. Friday saw the arrival of the day of love - Valentines! My team at work is made up of all women & one man on a temp contract, we all got a Valentine which we presume is from the one man but nothing has been confirmed... It was really cute especially if it was him. And although it was a 'joke' valentine, it's my first one! Safe to say those chocolates got demolished. With it being V-Day, Sainsburys had a little Pug of love reduced so naturally I had to buy it! Meet Mike, my little pug of love.

2. My favourite outfit of the week had to be my Zara spotty blouse - which is coming up in a haul soon - and my Topshop fur gilet. I liked it so much it became a 100 days of happy! (Click here to see more! )

3.Myself & my little live in chummy went to see Wolf of Wall Street on Wednesday night at the Dominian, amazing pictures - couches, little coffee tables, footstools! I didn't enjoy the film as much as I'd expected, the first hour or so was bearable but it just dragged on after that. I may have also fallen asleep too... I blame the couches.

4.I need a new TV series to watch. I don't have anything at the moment that I just come in & watch. Any suggestions are welcome. Generally murder mystery, reality TV or a documentary. Give me a shout if you have any suggestions!

5. I am seriously considering chopping my hair back into a pixie cut. I had a pixie for ages but then decided I wanted to grow it out & have been for nearly a year. I miss my pixie... I think it suit it better too. Something about hair on my face makes the distance from ear to ear look really wide. I am doing some research into pixies as to what I would go for or whether I would just chop everything off again. Watch this space I guess.

6. Not working a weekend is still a total treat for me. It so nice to be able to say to going out & doing things on a Saturday instead of being stuck at work till 9pm. Eventually I am sure this will sink it but for now it is all very new and strange...

Happy Sunday!

15 February 2014

Beauty: Skin Perfection Purifying Micellar Water

I'm not getting any younger, sadly, and looking after my skin is becoming more and more important. I've never properly invested in a well structured skincare routine but recently I've been researching different brands and products. I've thought about getting Bioderma for a long time but have never actually completed the purchase. While browsing blogs I came across the Lloreal Skin Perfection Purifying Micellar Water. Often described as a high street dupe for Bioderma, I made the decision to try it. (The fact it was on offer in Superdrug also helped in finishing off this purchase.)

Your skin feels so clean after you've taken off your make up with this, everything just feels fresh and clean which with other cleansers I haven't found this to be the case.It's affordable, easy to find a store to buy it and after a weeks worth of use, I would 100% say it works. My skin feels clean and has a nice healthy glow to it. Definitely go check this stuff out if you are in the market for a new addition to your skincare routine. 

14 February 2014

Style Crush #31

Emmanuelle Alt. Editor in Chief of Vogue Paris. Former fashion director. Parisian born Alt is the epitome of Parisian chic. Simple lines in muted tones makes me sigh with joy at the sight of these outfits. Nothing is ever too busy or over styled, as with previous Style Crushes, the use of textures and patterns really makes Alt a fashion lust of mine. Accessories are kept to a minimum in order to show off the clean lines and little details.

Is Emmanuelle Alt a fashion icon of yours?

12 February 2014

Beauty: Nail Varnish Favourites.

When it comes to nail varnish I tend to swing from one end of the spectrum to the other. From jet black to bright milky white and everything in between. The box where my nail polishes live is probably a touch big, no one needs 6 reds really but they are all different shades... slightly... kind of... not really...

My favourites change a lot, I will have a phase where all I want is dark colour then I will crave a bright, girly colour like nothing on earth. Currently I am in a dark phase... how deep does that sound! Not that deep...

Without further a-do or rambling of the nonsensical nature let me introduce you to my Current Favourite Nail Varnishes. Drum roll please!

Nails Inc in Savile Row : A deep plum toned shade that looks like a flat dark but actually on closer inspection has a beautiful rich depth to it without being over powering. A magazine freebie, this is a nail colour I go back to again & again. It is dark enough to almost look like black but doesn't hold the same harsh quality that a true jet black can sometimes hold especially against a paler skin tone.

Nails Inc in Piccadilly Circus : The most exotic of the 5, Piccadilly Circus was another magazine freebie! Brighter than the deep plums, Piccadilly Circus is a deep cerise shade that is bright enough to be different & eye-catching but not too in your face with a deep burgundy look in certain lights.

Estee Lauder in Blackberry : A 21st Birthday present, this polish has stood the test of time. As perfect as it was on that day back in 2010! Deep, rich colour that last for days and days on the nails. A little more expensive than other nail polishes but 100% worth the £14 price tag. An interesting dark that polished & put together. Perfect.

Nails Inc in Victoria : This is the oldest of the 5 - as shown by the old school Nails Inc bottle - but although having a few more miles on the clock, this polish is still in tip top condition. Still applies beautifully, has lasting power & remains a firm staple in my collection. A deep cherry red shade - and I mean deep - this is another beauitful colour that from a distance looks like any other dark polish but on closer inspection has depth & an edge to it that makes it a lot softer & more flattering than a jet black. *It sounds like I am bashing jet black nails, I'm not, I love jet black nails too just not as a favourite at the moment.*

Barry M Gelly in Watermelon : This is a very recent buy but after buying 3 from this line there was not any umming or ahhing over which one I would be jazzing up my nails with first. Watermelon is as the name states the gorgeous deep, rich blue toned green of the outside of a watermelon! Being a fan of dark brown, blue & purples, Watermelon is a nice change without having to venture over the the bright side. It's a bit different, it's fun & the formula is so beautiful.

What are some of your favourite polishes? Aid me in adding to my addiction!

10 February 2014

Fashion: Spec-tacular

After much debate - it got heated, just FYI - I decided that my new specs should & would fall under the category of fashion. They are an accessory, are they not? In my case vital also for the purposes of seeing but I might as well do so in a fashionable manner.

My previous pair of glasses were 6 years old, been through the wars & looking a bit tired. They also had never had the lenses updated over the 6 years which probably wasn't good for my peepers at all considering my sight has got a lot worse since the fair old age of 18! So following a little treat from Mama erratic glamour, I dipped into my savings to pay the remaining balance & got myself a lovely pair of new glasses.

I debated between a Fendi frame - which made me look a touch like my passed on Granny - and a Nicole Farhi pair. Eventually I settled for the Nicole Farhi pair. With a beautiful tortoise shell effect on the front rim around the lenses, a  pale emerald shade on the inside lense frame & legs finished with meddle ear tips these glasses were the ones for me. They aren't overly large on my face, key when you are a small faced being like myself but are strong enough not to get lost. You know this gurl has her specs on!

Overall, they were totally worth the money & I probably should have invested in a new pair a long time ago but shoulda woulda coudla!

9 February 2014

Life: Six for Sunday

1. This week I started my new job. Monday was filled with the normal excitement and adrenaline. Tuesday was probably more nervy and scary, to be honest which is odd but that is how it went! It is nice to be doing a job I am interested in and that requires thought & learning. Big up thought & learning! Plus I don't have to wear a uniform, can wear nail polish all day ery-day & get weekends off.

2. 100 happy days has become so popular recently so naturally as a social media fan, I jumped on the bandwagon! I am using Instagram as my platform so if you fancy checking it. out on you go! It makes me think over what has actually cheered up my day that day!I almost fell into the food everyday posting but to be honest, there is more to happiness than food! Who knew! Although, it helps.

3.This weekend marked my first proper weekend off in years. Probably since about the age of 17. I always used to work weekends. This said I wanted to chill out, catch up some friendies & generally just enjoy my days off! So that is what I did! Saturday saw me taking myself for a few drinks .. and a Nandos (I need to workout...) to watch some Six Nations fixtures. Today - Sunday- I don't think I am doing too much, just chilling possibly getting some food shopping in! Oh the glam!

4. After 6 years off the same glasses, I finally bit the bullet & got myself some new specs! About time, considering that the lenses hadn't been update since I bought the old pair so chances I couldn't actually see out of them are extremely high! I probably will do a little blog post about the latest erratic glamour accessory of S/S 2014 cause ya know, I'm chic as f*ck...

5.  Zara Sale. Two words I am sure have made a number of girls (and guys) very happy. Alongside doing amazingly wonderful fashion, the sale is a dream land of reduced amazingly wonderful fashion! A few months ago Mama erratic glamour (Mama F to those closer) posted me a cut out from The Sunday Times because she knew the skirt was right up my street. After feeling a little strapped for cash, I decided not to get it. Skip forward 4 or so months & what do I find in the Zara sale... fore mentioned skirt for the bargain price of dun dun dun .... £10! Sold. I may have also added a blouse too... It was half price!

6. Anyone else watch Vanderpump Rules? I am obsessed. 4 episodes in & I cannot get enough. So much fake drama but so much good drama! Who doesn't love a bar/restaurant based workplace filled with staff sleeping together, bitching about one another & fighting?! Sensible, intellectual TV I am sure you will agree...

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend, Happy Sunday chickas x

8 February 2014

Style Crush #30

The Erratic Glamour style crush crown is being given to the ever stylish Kate Foley this week. Foley is a former buyer for Opening Ceremony but has re kindle her skills as a stylist as of late. Her style is a uber cool mix of girlie and grungy. Known for her white dresses to her dressed down sneaker looks, this lady has style.

 Platforms. Lady like skirts mixed with simple details - a texture, colour or pattern - just add to the effortless look without being over powering. She looks put together but not polished. A perfect combination. Before a rummage around Pinterest, I had no idea even of Kate Foley's existence but since her discovery I have been searching for the best prom shaped below the knee skirt.  And possibly a spoonful of her cool, edgy persona.

What do you think of Kate Foley?

4 February 2014

Fashion: New job, new clothes

Starting a new job is nerve wracking. Even more so when it is your first 'adult' job. Scary, scary times. Naturally this meant that some new threads was necessary, got to look the part right? With this in mind I picked up a few new bits here and there over the past few weeks in order to be office ready!

Forever 21 Basics - Grey long sleeved top £6.95 Blue & Black Vest tops £3.90 each

Forever 21 printed trousers £13.95
H&M Leather Trousers £24.99
H&M Printed Trousers £14.99 

H&M Fluffy Cardigan £29.99

H&M Floral Print Dress £19.99

I might put together a few little outfits with these bits maybe at the weekend just to show how I might wear them. I haven't worn them all to work yet - it is only day two! Happy Tuesday!

2 February 2014

Life: Six for Sunday

1. This week I decided to spend a few more days in Glasgow at my Mum and Dad's house. I love going home, it is like escaping for a wee while to recharge before the crazy busy that will come from starting my new job on Monday. Being at home also means I get to see my little dog, George. I love this wee guy. We just get each other!

2. While in Glasgow, I met up with my friend Karyn and finally met her little boy. We had lunch and I had a little shot of pushing about Lewis. Of course prior to this I had to hit up Glasgow's branch of Forever 21. This place is a dream land. £30 later I came out one very happy lady. Hey, as long as I'm smiling, it's all ok...

3. I am officially done and dusted with my old work. Starting my new job is so exciting and a bit nerve wracking too but once I get into the swing of things I'm sure it won't be nearly as bad. Starting things is always the toughest part, don't you think?

4. I decided to dip my toe in the YouTube pool. I've just got a wee introduction video up just now but hopefully I should be adding some more soon! erratic glamour on YouTube

5.Today was a sort of 'coming out' to my flatmate about my blogging habits surprisingly she didn't care that much! Shock!

6.Coffee catch ups are always fun. So today I head to Costa for coffee with an old work friend, Clare.