20 May 2014

Adding to the Library.

Stumbling across Books 4 Less was by accident. As stumbling across something generally is. Being a book lover I had to go in for a look, 15 minutes later I left with 4 books costing a total of £7!!! That is right my inter web chummies, £7.

Being a fan of a thriller/murder mystery I had to pick up three of them. Daniel Silva 'Portrait of a Spy' - and it features Paris. Ian Rankin 'Bleeding Hearts' and 'The Associate' by John Grisham. Two of the three I am almost 100% certain my dad has read and I'm sure he will have heard of Silva's giving. The fourth and final literary delight is a classic. Love a classic. Jane Austen's 'Northanger Abbey'. I feel that 'Northanger Abbey' is overlooked sometimes for Austens more popular novels like 'Pride and Prejudice', 'Emma' and 'Sense and Sensibility' but following seeing TV adaptations of 'Northanger Abbey' it seems like another slice of Austen at her best.

Bargain books for sure.

17 May 2014

Nice to Matte you.

Revlon Matte Balm // Elusive

Pale skin and bright lips. Hello. Fake tan has been put back on the shelf until I sort my skin out so naturally new make up needed to come into my life. Meet my Revlon Matte Balm in Elusive. This with pale skin and touch of smudgy eyeliner sounds like a dream. A creamy, matte texture that give a vibrant pop of colour to the lips. Elusive is blue toned pink that is easily toned down with some finger dabbing.

14 May 2014


With longer longs popping out my head left, right & centre it is only fitting that I explore the vast array of hair products up for grabs. After 3 years of pixie cuts and limited products that are useful to a few steps off a buzz cut I have rediscovered the delight in finding a hair product that serves it's very need. Recently I have found products that are working for me and giving me the full, sleek hair I am after. Four products minus shampoo and conditioner might seem excessive to some but each to their own, I guess.

This One Is For When The Heat Is On - Blow Dry Spray 
VO5 Smoothly Does It - Heat Protect Serum
Schwarzkopf Got 2 B. - Rise 'n Shine Volume + Shine Whipped Mousse
Schwarzkopf Got 2 B. - Rise 'n Shine Volume + Shine Hairspray 

Applied in the order they appear, these little treasures protect my hair while smoothing fly aways and giving the roots of my hair volume and a bit of texture.

Heat protection is important especially as I want my hair to grow. I think of heat protection like an oven glove, you wouldn't get your pepporoni pizza out the oven without an oven glove would you? So why put high temperatures on your hair without giving a little protection? This One was bought purely because it was on offer and the cheapest. It's good but I've used better but for now it is doing the job. VO5 are good for a hair oil. Affordable and quality products. This is another heat protection product however it provides a smoothing, shine enhancing factor that I love. Pea size drop of this through the ends followed by a little time spent drying your hair properly and you will have lovely sleek hair (with volume in the roots from the mousse, naturally.) I love the VO5 miracle oil but for whatever reasons decided to gander in the oil world a little, I'll be back with the ol' faithful soon. I always do.

Big hair was a love of mine prior to the chop, who wants super sleek straight hair - not me! It just doesn't work for me. Poker straight hair is just not my cup of tea. The Whipped mousse is one of my favourite products. Before I tried this mousse I had found ones that were good but never really amazing. Aussie has a good offering but they just seem to be getting more and more pricey as a brand and I like a bargain. The mousse and hair spray were 2 for £5 in Superdrug so naturally I needed both... Amazing products that definitely do what they say on the tin.

11 May 2014

Six For Sunday.

one // piercing
Thursday lunchtime saw myself and a work chummy taking ourselves off to get piercings. What else would you be doing with your lunch time? I went for a hoop on my helix. Sitting next to my tragus and my rook I think my helix hoop - chuckle chuckle - sits well. Totally worth being slightly late back to work for.

two // illness
This week well since about October actually I have been feeling pretty shitty. I won't go into too much detail because nobody wants that. I spent most of the week feeling weepy, tired and generally crappy! Hopefully by the end of the month there will be a proper diagnosis.

three // new girl
Why, why, why have I never been exposed to the wonders and delights of New Girl before now?! So funny and I am always a fan of a gal with a fringe. Anyone seen pictures of Zooey without a fringe? She looks like a totally different person! 

four // the first Georgians
More TV. A little bit a hugely different type genre. BBC 4 know a good documentary. I love a good documentary. Especially if it is of a time period or a historic point that I have an interest in. Everyday is a school day after all. Lucy Worsley takes us through the first Georgians marking the three hundredth succession of the Hanoverian succession. I am a massive fan of Lucy Worsley - intelligent, engaging and informative she offers all that is to be expected of a historian in a documentary. If my little blurb has tickled your fancy then go please and watch it. Episode two aired on Thursday night and the third and final episode airs this coming Thursday. 

five // books 4 Less
While heading for the post office I stumbled across a shop called Books 4 Less.Anywhere that allows me to get four books for £7 is okay by me. I went for an Austen, a Grisham, a Rankin and a Silva. More books was not something that I needed, at all, but it was a bargain and I love a book!

six // little bit of extra reading
I hate feeling like an idiot. I'm not an idiot but when you lack knowledge that everyone else has - I feel like an idiot. My solution for this is to study. How will I learn if I don't expose myself to it then I can actually contribute something useful to the conversation.This sounds totally cryptic but I guess it is partly advise to myself on the area I want to learn more about and just a little message to anyone that feels the same!

Happy Sunday!



10 May 2014

You're an Animal.

I love leopard print. Not in the Bet Lynch kind of way. I would say it was more of a subtle yet wonderful love. Aren't they the best kinds...

While browsing ASOS on my lunch break I came across these little beauties and knew I had to get them. At £20 it would be rude not too really. They are sensible and affordable. And hurt like nothing on earth the first few wears but that is void information. This top, also an ASOS buy, is super unflattering think maternity meets Christmas extra weight hider but I love it. Definitely not the best cut for the booby, small waist and larger bums of this world - that's me - but it's too comfortable not to wear.

Leather Jacket + top + skaters // ASOS
Jeans // H&M
Bag // Mango Sale 

4 May 2014

Six For Sunday.

One // Permanent Member of Staff

February 2014 saw the start of my first ever real adult job. 3 months on and Friday was the day I was confirmed as a permanent member of staff after passing my probation period. I'm so happy to have passed this and to be kept on. How exciting to be a permanent member of staff. Definitely a nice way to finish a busy week.

Two // Spring Clean

Re arranging my room is a bit of a secret love pass time of mine. It is just so fun to organise my things! Plus my room was hella messy. Who knew so much dust gathers in the 2 weeks since I hoovered last. When I say 2 weeks I mean like 4 1/2.... duh. Now it feels fresh and more organised. Come at me working week!

Three // Fake Nails

Tricky to carry out day to day tasks but they look cool. No other excuse is necessary really. I love how they look and actually the challenge of everyday tasks is actually kind of fun... she says on day 1. Currently they are nude but I don't know whether a little colour would look better on them and make them look less fake? #firstworldproblems

Four // Spotify

Many moons ago - last year, Emma don't exaggerate - I was a Spotify premium user but at £10 a month I just couldn't justify forking out the dolla for music. After a brief break, I am now back in black on Spotify - as a free user. The adverts are a little annoying, there is no denying it but as I work in a media agency this probably blasphemy... I'll score out number one after my boss has sacked me!

Now that I'm back on Spotify I am actually loving it again. So many songs and playlists to keep myself amused with. I mean who doesn't need the mixed generation party playlist in the shower. Nothing beats Lady Gaga followed by The Nolans.

Five // Hearts & Bows

A brand that until recently I had no idea even existed. Utterly shocking, I know. I got a gorgeous printed shift dress with some lace detail on the back from Ark Clothing by Hearts & Bows - obviously. A sale purchased at £14, I think. It's cute maybe a tad short but YOLO! With a little bodycon skirt underneath it should be fine.

Hearts & Bows make really pretty playsuits. I ordered one from Ark that was also a sale item but sadly didn't fit. Damn my lady lumps. I'm joking lady lumps, I am very attached to you. I digress. Cut a long story short, I now am on a major hunt to find a H&A playsuit and to sell the one I picked up that is too small. Tweet me if you are interested and I'll let you know the details.

Six // April in a Whole

April wasn't overly productive for me. All I really did was work, well that is how it feels. May I want to be more productive. I need to blog more, read book 4/12 for 12 books for 2014, do more extra curricular activities. Lets see how much I can get done in May!

3 May 2014

April Favourites.

St Moritz spray tan

After falling back into my love of being teak earlier this month and due to the addiction having a re-birth, I naturally ran out of tan and had to buy more! Fast forward to a trip to Savers and me standing doe-eyed staring at the shelf stacked full of St Moritz goodness. That was the moment I discovered St Moritz spray. Up till now I was a mousse fan but since finding the spray - I am converted. The dark spray comes out really intense. A deep bronze that develops quickly and evenly. It dries a lot faster than the mousse and is easier to apply. Always stand on a towel and make sure anything you definitely don't want sprayed on is out of the way otherwise it'll be a hella mess!

Foster the People - Supermodel

Since I first heard Pumped up Kicks back in the summer of 2010 I have loved Foster the People. Catchy, easy listening that never gets old. There second album Supermodel is not a let down by any means. Filled with the same catchy and different music that we have grown to expect from the Los Angeles trio. Some of my favourite songs from Supermodel are Coming of age, Are you what you want to be and Ask Yourself. Go check out their second album, and their first if you haven't already!

Models Own Neon Polishes

With my super dark tan Models Own neon polishes seriously pop. They are bright and eye-catching - perfect for summer. I had never ventured into the land of neon polishes before tending to stick to dark colours, to match my soul. These little babies have 100% converted me. I only got them in the last weekend in April but that still counts as an April favourite... right?!

BBC Adaption of Jamaica Inn

I have mentioned this before but it was an important part of my April. The book is one of my favourite books. If you haven't read it then you seriously need to take your little bot down to Waterstones - or any other reputable book dealer - and get yourself a copy of this wonderful book.

The TV adaption from the good ol beeb got mixed reviews. Some complained of poor sound, others of the plot straying from that written by Du Maurier. I loved it. The book is still my favourite but the adaption was good. Jessica Brown Findlay was amazing. Jem Merlynn was a dish.

2 May 2014

Forever Repurchasing

When you find a product that works for you, you just have to stick to it.Well that is the theory and we all drift but sometimes you just find products that you go back to and realise how silly you were to ever cheat on them. For me, I have a few products that I will never turn my back on. They just work for me.

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation in Shade 53 £9.99

Foundation should be glowy, not too heavy and be easy to apply. Bourjois Healthy Mix ticks every one of these boxes. I repurchase this over and over. The shade range is touch and go but I've worked out what works for me when I'm super tanned, a bit tanned and just plain pasty. Unless I find something that completely sweeps me off my feet. Healthy Mix et moi are staying together in our beautiful glowy paradise. 

 Estee Lauder Double Wear Eyeliner in Noir £16

Black smudgy eyeliner that probably is a little too much for daytime is my bag, baby. I've tried my fair share of eyeliners over the years but the Estee Lauder Double Wear eyeliner is the only one I go back to again and again. It provides me with suitably too dark eyes for day or night, sticks around much longer than any boy that's been in my life so all in all a strong relationship built on trust. Go buy this if you want dark, long lasting eyeliner.

YSL Faux Cils £24.50 

Pricey to some for a mascara but in my opinion it is totally worth the money. This mascara gives me thick, full lashes that are blackest black. Exactly what I look for in a mascara. It lasts well, doesn't flake off down my face and instantly makes me feel like a put together woman. Whether I act like one is a totally different kettle of fish.

What are your forever repurchased products?